Android eats away at Apple's tablet market share

Apple's wildly popular iPad continues to dominate the tablet market at 55%, although Cupertino's share of the lucrative space declined approximately 14% in 3Q 2012.

Analyst says Intel ultrabooks are priced too high

Analysts at ABI Research confirm Intel's ultrabook platform has yet to take off - despite an extensive marketing campaign by Santa Clara.

Can eReaders survive the tablet onslaught?

eReader shipments are projected to decline from 15 million devices in 2011 to 11 million in 2012.

Microsoft eyes corporate smartphone market

Researchers estimate that over 2.4 billion employees will be using smartphones by the year 2017.

Analyst: Microsoft's magic bullet is Windows RT

Mobile computing - currently dominated by tablets such as Apple's wildly popular iPad - is essentially a two-horse race of devices powered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Doubts surface about Google's Project Glass

The evolution of mobile augmented reality (AR) is moving along at an accelerated pace, although analysts at ABI Research doubt Google's Project Glass marks the start of a paradigm shift.

App downloads set to slowly decrease

Smartphone owners are projected to download approximately 36 billion apps in 2012 - averaging about 37 native apps for the typical user.

Yes, mobile integration is critical to the set-top box market

Smart set-top boxes typically attract less attention than other connected CE devices such as TVs and game consoles.

Vision-based gesture recognition on the way for smartphones

Gestures are so ingrained in human culture that it is virtually impossible to communicate without moving your hands or gesticulating with your fingers while in conversation.

Analyst: Microsoft faces uphill tablet battle

Redmond may have high hopes for its Surface tablet, but analysts at ABI Research believe Microsoft is likely to face an uphill battle as it attempts to challenge Apple's wildly popular iPad. 

Tablets in handheld gaming smackdown

Over 38 million handheld gaming devices from Sony and Nintendo are expected to ship in 2013 - a number that is significantly lower than the 47 million units sold in 2008.

The age of the phablet has arrived

More than 208 million phablets - a hybrid device larger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet - are expected to ship globally in 2015, increasing by a factor of 10 in 2012 from 2011.

The stats behind those mobile apps

The results of a recent survey confirm that two-thirds of app users have spent money on an application on at least one occasion.

Why Windows Phone 7 is lagging behind

Mobile device users are expected to download a whopping 36 billion apps in 2012. 

Tablets outpace netbooks in mobile race

Media tablet shipments surpassed netbooks this quarter, hitting 13.6 million units - compared to just 7.3 million netbooks.

Tablets dominate ultra-mobile devices

An estimated 37 million ultra-mobile devices (UMDs) will ship in the United States during 2011 - with 75% of total shipments expected to be media tablets spearheaded by Apple's iPad 2.

Analysis: Why Google is buying Motorola Mobility

Why is Google buying Motorola Mobility for a cool $12.5 billion? The obvious answer: easier access to mobile hardware and critical technology via an expanded IP portfolio.

Analyst: Galaxy S II sets the Android bar

Does Samsung's sleek Galaxy S II effectively set the bar for Android devices and other smartphones?

Text messaging set to rocket next year

More than seven trillion SMS messages will be sent next year, according to ABI Research.

The big year for 3D TV? 2013

Of course the year that 3D TV will really start to take off would have a "3" in it. At least, that's what ABI Research says about the growing trend in consumer electronics that apparently isn't going to die anytime soon.