ABC casts a drama about classic monsters

Gothica features Frankenstein and Dracula melodrama.

Review: The apostles of Zero Hour

This week saw the premiere of the new conspiracy drama on ABC.

S.H.I.E.L.D. production is on the fast track

Two more cast in the rapidly approaching show.

The Toxic Cities of Paglia and Proyas Evolve together

With Eureka over and done with, the show's co-creator, Jamie Paglia has been working on something new - adapting Tim Lebbon's novel trilogy Toxic City for television.

The state of genre television - Fall 2012

Last year at this time it seemed like we were entering a 'golden age' of genre television. How did that hold up?

Dallas leaves Thor for Once

One of the most visible supporting roles in the Thor franchise won’t be able to join the cast of the second movie due to a previous contract.

666 Park Avenue trailer makes a deal

ABC has released a treailer for its upcoming demonic, big-mystery serial 666 Park Avenue.

T-Mobile, Sprint and others join to fight Verizon spectrum deal

A new coalition including mobile operators, trade associations and campaign groups has formed to try and stop Verizon Wireless from buying more mobile spectrum.

The genre shows of 2012

It’s that time of year again. Yes, the current round of shows are ending, while the networks plan the upcoming season.

ABC axes The River

A horror TV show is quite difficult to keep on the air, unless you can present it with a radically different twist. 

ABC’s Beauty and the Beast has cast its leads

All major actors have now been cast for ABC’s Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast adaptations get more confusing

Beauty and the Beast is clearly the next adaptation obsession, after two years of hearing about Snow White

On Del Toro's Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale that's seen many permutations and imitations in modern times. 

Harry Potter’s Hermoine to headline silver-screen Beauty, del Toro to direct

It looks like Beauty and the Beast is the next adaptation obsession, after two years of hearing about Snow White.

The monsters and dolls of The River

The River premiered this past Tuesday on ABC with a two-part opening episode.

New trailer for The River gets pulled underground

ABC has released a long form trailer for tonight’s pilot episode of The River.

ABC picks up two more sci-fi/fantasy pilots

After the success of its Disneyesque Once Upon a Time this season, ABC is moving full speed ahead on the sci-fi/fantasy front.

Beauty and the Beast gets piloted

The CW recently ordered a pilot based on a script it commissioned for a remake of the 80’s series Beauty and the Beast, which starred Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman.

The River trailer and synopsis go live

ABC has finally dished up some information on its upcoming new series dubbed The River.

Stop attacking Once Upon a Time

Willingham to fans: disarm, please.