David Fincher May Direct the Biopic on Steve Jobs

The rights to the life of Steve Jobs were snapped up by Sony right after he passed away, but it certainly didn’t stop another Jobs biopic, which starred Ashton Kutcher, from being rushed into production. While that version didn’t do well, Aaron Sorkin wrote a script for the Sony version, and now David Fincher may be directing.

Can the Steve Jobs biopic deliver?

Multiple movies with similar subjects that go head to head with each other are a common phenomenon in Hollywood.

How Aaron Sorkin is taking on the life of Steve Jobs

Ever since the life story rights of Steve Jobs were acquired by Sony, Aaron Sorkin, the writer for The West Wing, Moneyball and The Social Network, was the studio’s number one choice to pen the script.

Aaron Sorkin talks Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin, like any top A-list screenwriter in Hollywood, is clearly a busy man. 

Painting a complex portrait of Steve Jobs

Writing about Steve Jobs would be a dream gig for any A-list screenwriter, right?

Aaron Sorkin writes The Life of Steve Jobs

As you've probably seen by now, there's reports everywhere right now about the independent biopic of Steve Jobs, entitled JOBS, complete with pictures of Ashton Kutcher made up like the late Apple visionary. 

On Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher

As you may recall, when Steve Jobs passed away last year the rights to his life story were quickly snapped up by Sony, with the hopes that Aaron Sorkin would write the screenplay.

Will Aaron Sorkin write the Steve Jobs biopic?

It wasn't long after Steve Jobs passed away that there was speculation his life would be turned into a film.