Is the Adult Industry Ready to Go Ultra Hi Def?

You know the economy’s in trouble when the adult industry is struggling. In fact, a Napster style crisis in porno had been an accident waiting to happen for a long time, and when fans of x-rated entertainment didn’t want to pay for it anymore, the world of porn took a big hit.

4K TV Will Cost You $150 K

It’s fun to look in the high-end areas of an electronics store to see what rich people can afford. While I’m happy with the same TV I’ve had for years, some people have to have the best plasma screens, the highest of hi-def, and more. But would you be willing to spend $150,000 for a TV? 

How Many More Pixels Do We Need?

In the age of Hi Def, we can see things sharper, and more realistically, than ever. But how sharp and realistic do we really need to see things? Are there times things can be so sharp they can feel unreal? And how much can the untrained eye really see? 

The hunt for the big tech product of 2013

This week kicks off the annual year-long hunt for the Big Tech Product of 2013. Fortunately, we already have some rather auspicious contenders.  

$31,283 for Sharp's 60-inch 4K TV

Sharp has debuted a 60-inch 4K TV priced at a cool $31,283.