Verizon LTE launch marks start of turf war, say analysts

Verizon yesterday launched its '4G' LTE service, claiming a tenfold increase in speed over its 3G EVDO network, at 5-12Mbps for downloads and 2-5Mbps upload.

Verizon 4G launches on Sunday

Attention, millions of Verizon customers. In three days, you'll suddenly feel pretty inadequate as Verizon will roll out its next-generation mobile data network, but none of the current devices will be able to take advantage of it.

T-Mobile finally grows a pair, gloats "largest 4G network"

T-Mobile is a huge, worldwide telecom company that probably doesn't spend as much time focusing on the US market as it should. But that has all changed now as the company has launched a brand new marketing campaign to create awareness of its new 4G network.

Sprint 4G goes live in New York City, other new markets

Sprint has just achieved a major milestone in its quest to make the entire country equipped with 4G, as New York City has finally received the high-speed mobile network.

Sprint's 4G network expanding to New York, LA, San Francisco

Sprint, the first mobile provider to launch a 4G network in the US, will soon bring its next-gen mobile data infrastructure to three of the biggest cities in the country.

Verizon will launch six 4G phones at CES

With the world's largest consumer electronics trade show just a few months away, companies are gearing up for some big announcements and we're already getting a peek at what will be in store for Verizon.

Verizon talks about its path to 4G

When it comes to the next step in mobile data networks, Sprint is at the top of the game having already deployed a next-gen network in select cities around the country. Verizon will be one of the last. Hear what it has to say about that.

T-Mobile unveils second 4G phone, a MyTouch successor

Although it hasn't yet launched its first phone to use its new high-speed network, T-Mobile is introducing a new handset that will make use of it.

MetroPCS launches first LTE 4G wireless network

Sprint's months-long reign as the only mobile provider in the US with a high-speed wireless network has come to an end. Though not nearly as well-known, MetroPCS has brought the first competition to the new market and is also the first to do it with a new technology.

Sluggish AT&T might roll out 4G network next year

AT&T's next-generation mobile network won't be up and running until about a year from now, making it the slowest of the major carriers to do so.

T-Mobile officially crowns G2, its first next-gen network phone

Sprint has been enjoying all the exposure it's getting with the nation's first deployed 4G network and 4G capable phones, but the tide will shift later this month when the G2 from T-Mobile hits store shelves.

Clearwire targets pre-paid 4G at youth market

Clearwire has launched the US' first pay-as-you-go 4G mobile broadband service with a focus on signing up impoverished teens - sorry, make that 'tech-savvy Gen Y customers'.

Samsung Epic 4G to crash into stores August 31 at $249

Sprint will be getting its first Samsung Galaxy S phone and Samsung will be getting its first 4G phone on the market at the same time with the August 31 launch of the Epic 4G.

Clearwire hits Apple’s 4G iSpot

Clearwire has introduced a personal 4G hotspot that supports a number of mobile Apple devices, including the iPad, iPod Touch and, yes, the iPhone.

HTC Glacier aims to rock the boat with super fast speeds

If the latest Internet leakage is anything to believe, a new Android phone with a processor as powerful as 1.5 GHz is in the works and would be the fastest Android device to date.

FCC approves very first 4G LTE phone, from Samsung

The Federal Communications Commission has just given its stamp of approval to the very first Long Term Evolution (LTE) device, which will run on a different kind of 4G technology than Sprint's Evo phone.

Uhh...whoops! HTC Evo update accidentally breaks some phones

Some of the early adopters who picked up the country's first 4G phone now have an unusable phone, just because they accepted a prompt to start a software update.

Another Sprint 4G phone is already on the way

Just one month after Sprint's launch of the Evo 4G, the wireless carrier has announced its second 4G phone, the Epic, which will likely come out later this year.

HTC Evo 4G coming June 4 for $199

At an event in New York City tonight, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse confirmed the price and release date for the HTC Evo, the very first phone to run on a 4G mobile data network.

Apple demands Gizmodo return "lost" iPhone 4G

Apple has demanded the return of a next-gen iPhone (4G) that was reportedly found in a Redwood City bar.