Sky Drone FPV navigates with 3G or 4G/LTE

The Sky Drone FPV (First Person View) can best be described as an HD video system controlled via 3G or 4G/LTE networks.

Samsung claims it's on 5G trail

Although many countries around the world have struggled to get 4G widely available, Samsung has claimed it has made a major breakthrough at the core of 5G, the next generation of mobile communications.

Microsoft has a hit with low end phone

While software giant Microsoft has been touting its software at the top end of smartphone land, it is actually Steve Ballmers' considerable bottom end where the money is likely to be made.

3G, 4G modems subject to hack attack

A couple of Russian security researchers have found that the majority of 3G and 4G USB modems handed out by mobile operators to unsuspecting customers are wide open to attacks.

GM promises in-car 4G LTE next year

General Motors says it's planning to introduce 4G LTE connectivity to its cars as early as next year, through a deal with AT&T.

British 4G spectrum auction disappoints Treasury

The British appear less than keen on 4G, with yesterday's spectrum auction raising much less cash than expected and takeup for the country's first 4G service sluggish.

No contract, no data limit: T-Mobile launches new 4G plan

T-Mobile has launched an unlimited, no-contract 4G data plan for $70 per month, allowing pre-pay customers to take advantage for the first time.

$500 Asus VivoTab RT hits AT&T November 16

Like the idea of Windows 8 tablet, but not exactly impressed by Microsoft's Surface?

AT&T caves in over FaceTime access

Following pressure from consumer groups, AT&T has made an abrupt about-face and opened up FaceTime video calling to Apple users on any tiered data plan.

4G goes live in 11 UK cities

The UK's first 4G service is up and running in 11 cities today, with the launch of EE's LTE network.

EE announces pricing for UK's first 4G network

Pricing's been announced for the UK's first 4G network, run by EE: and while it starts low, there's no unlimited data plan available, making it expensive for some.

CEA sets Ultra HD spec

Well, we now know the name of the new display technology we're all supposedly going to be clamoring for in a year or two's time: Ultra High-Definition.

Verizon sold 4.5 million LTE devices last quarter

If you needed proof that Verizon is the leader in LTE, here it is.

T-Mobile promises big things with LTE

T-Mobile is finally getting on the LTE bandwagon.

Report: iPad Mini will be WiFi-only

It's unlikely there will be a version of the upcoming iPad Mini with access to 3G or 4G mobile data networks.

AT&T expands LTE network

AT&T has added new cities to its 4G LTE network just in time for the iPhone 5.

Sprint has already sold a million LTE devices

Although it was the last of the major three to get into the LTE race, Sprint is playing a nice game of catchup.

Earthlink to offer in-home 4G LTE plans

Earthlink is set to begin offering mobile broadband service for people to use in their homes.

Sprint LTE coming to 100 new cities

Sprint, which is playing catch-up in the LTE game, has just confirmed 100 new cities for its growing network.

EE rolls out LTE in UK

The UK's set to get its first 4G LTE services by the end of the year, with Everything Everywhere launching in 16 cities.