First reviews are in for The Hobbit

There’s been a lot riding on The Hobbit, and a lot of controversy around it as of late.

Is new Hobbit movie tech making audiences ill?

While it’s great fun to watch a movie in 3D, there’s always the risk of eyestrain and headaches if it’s not set up right.

In defense of 48 frames per second (and The Hobbit)

Peter Jackson's decision to shoot The Hobbit at 48 frames a second is drawing a lot of fire from journalists and geeks alike.

The Hobbit doesn’t fear 48 frames a second

Long-awaited footage from The Hobbit screened at Comic Con over the weekend, and reports tell us it went over very well.

The cost of The Hobbit at 48 frames a second

Footage of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit was recently shown at 48 frames per second instead of the standard 24.

Please, stop whining about The Hobbit

So The Hobbit hasn't even hit theaters yet and already there is endless whining about how Peter Jackson is ruining the LOTR franchise because he showed clips of the film at 48 frames per second instead of 24.