Peter Jackson's Hobbit triumphs at the box office

Despite mediocre reviews and controversies over its 48 frames per second tech, Tolkien fans were out in force this weekend for the opening of The Hobbit.

On the eve of 48 frames a second

The controversy over 48 frames a second is not dying down.

The Hobbit heralds a new age of 48 FPS

"When you have something new, you want to make sure it works. This is unique, it’s different and we’ll have to see how people adjust to it."

48 FPS won't cost you extra for The Hobbit

Future movies are likely to move much faster than the current 24 frames a second. 

Peter Jackson responds to Hobbit criticism

Footage from the upcoming first installment of The Hobbit was recently screened at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas.