LG plans a line of 3D phones

So you've got a 3D TV, 3D computer, 3D Blu-ray player. You've put your pre-order in for your 3DS and you're taking pictures with your new 3D digital camera. Isn't it time you got a 3D phone?

No 3D for Super Bowl XLV

Well, even though sporting events are the most widely broadcast 3D programming and ESPN 3D is now the only multi-carrier 24/7 3D channel available, there won't be any 3D broadcasts of the upcoming Super Bowl.

Matrix sequels may be on the way, in 3D

A new rumor says that the Matrix movie franchise is in store for two more sequels, in which The One will be in three dimensions for the first time.

Toshiba's newest 3D laptop will use glasses

Despite all of the "glasses-free" 3D products that have been in the news this month, many companies still see active shutter stereoscopic 3D glasses as the only way to get the absolute sharpest 3D picture quality. Enter the Toshiba T551/D8B.

LG reportedly working on glasses-free 3D tablet

All these iPad competitors out there are really having a tough time setting them apart from the pack. But that may soon change as companies like LG start incorporating 3D displays that don't require special 3D glasses.

LG working on glasses-free 3D phone: rumor

We've seen the technology come to digital photo frames, 3D camera viewfinders, TV sets, and computer monitors, and now it's the smartphone's turn.

3D Blu-ray players already dominate in Japan

Ask someone in America if they have a 3D Blu-ray player and they'll probably either say they can't afford one, don't have a 3D TV, or - the most likely - they have no idea what you're talking about. But ask the same question in Japan, and your response is likely to be very different.

Fujitsu first to bring glasses-free 3D to computers

When it comes to the world of 3D, computers aren't making a very big wave. There are special graphics cards and 3D glasses that can turn your PC into a 3D machine, but Fujitsu has a better idea.

Interactive window responds to shoppers' commands

A new interactive store window display allows window-shoppers to see merchandise from any angle, read more information and even buy, simply by pointing.

James Cameron sees a future of nothing but 3D movies

Heralded director James Cameron thinks that within a few years, advertising that a movie is available in 3D won't be such a big deal anymore...because almost every single film in theaters will be presented in the new format.

Penthouse prepares porn for 3D TV channel

The emergence of adult content is always a sign of a new medium breaking in, and Penthouse, one of the biggest players in the business, is ready to bring its tantalizingly salacious content to the world of 3D.

How CES had a lot of 3D news but made no 3D buzz

We knew going into CES that 3D would yet again be another big trend. But because of the rather scattered state of the 3D industry right now, no one really cared what anyone had to show.

Sony more obsessed with 3D than ever

A lot of companies have 3D fever these days, but few can match the ferver and sheer breadth of 3D material available from Sony at this year's CES expo.

ESPN 3D now a 24/7 3D channel

It was exactly one year ago when ESPN launched a revolutionary new 3D channel, the very first of its kind in the world. Now it has something else to announce - making that channel live 24 hours a day.

Toshiba's glasses-free 3D is real, coming to US

After having already launched revolutionary "glasses-free 3D" TVs in Japan, Toshiba is ready to bring the technology to the US in a 40-inch model that could bring the 3D race to a screeching halt.

Samsung introduces yet another 3D TV format

Oh boy. After already battling with active shutter glasses, 3D TVs that need external sensors, and this idea of 3D that doesn't require glasses, Samsung is introducing an entirely new concept.

Vizio sheds light on Theater 3D TV line

Vizio has unveiled a whole bunch of TVs that it plans to introduce in its game-changing line of Theater 3D products.

LG looks to passive 3D in future TV lineup

The current stereoscopic 3D standard being used in TVs and computer monitors is acclaimed for providing the most powerful 3D resolution possible, but due to an extreme lack of consumer interest, LG is looking to a new alternative.

Samsung's world's thinnest Blu-ray 3D player

Samsung always has a lot to show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but one of the most eye-popping things will be its introduction of the world's sleekest Blu-ray 3D player.

LG creates world's biggest 3D TV

Size does matter. At least in the world of consumer electronics. And LG wants to be the biggest dog in the kennel when it launches a massive, almost too-big-to-be-useful 72-inch 3D TV with all the trimmings.