Inception may be going 3D for Blu-ray

With its mind-bending plot and stark visual scenery, Inception would have made a great 3D movie. In fact, when shown footage of a 3D version of the flick, test audiences liked it. But director Chris Nolan didn't, so it was released in bland 2D.

Comcast's new 3D channel is open for business

Despite a slower than expected race to adopt 3D TV in the home, content providers are still pushing to get as much 3D material out there as possible, and that move just took a big step forward with Comcast's own 24/7 3D channel.

Look stylish with these Transformers-branded 3D glasses

As the 3D movie industry grows bigger and bigger, we've seen optical companies get in on the craze by offering their own brand of glasses you can take to the movie theater. But this one takes the cake.

The Great Gatsby gets a 3D adaptation

A theatrical release of one of the most classic novels of all time will be presented in high-tech 3D, as a symbol of just how ubiquitous the new video format has become.

Comcast to launch own 3D channel

Anyone who uses Comcast as their cable TV provider will find a new channel added to their lineup in two days, as the carrier will launch its own, 24/7 3D TV station called Xfinity 3D.

Samsung disses LG's cheaper 3D option

LG announced this week that it has begun shipping new 3D TVs, using the same kind of technology used in movie theaters, as a way to appeal to more budget-conscious consumers. But Samsung says that's a step in the wrong direction.

LG's theater 3D TV begins shipping

It's a new day in the world of 3D home media, as LG is beginning to ship its first line of 3D TVs that use the same kind of technology as that used in movie theaters across the country.

Vintage 1930s Nazi films uncovered, shot in 3D

James Cameron may have made 3D more profitable than ever before, but he was hardly the first one to use the advanced filming technology. In fact, thanks to some newly uncovered Nazi footage, it looks like 3D filming may have begun even earlier than originally believed.

Just how powerful is LG's Optimus 3D? Pretty damn powerful

It's one thing to make a whole lot of floaty claims and impressive marketing speak, but it's quite another to actually make good on those words. LG's very impressive Android-based 3D phone looks like it can actually walk the walk.

ESPN 3D goes 24/7

ESPN made history when it was the first to launch a dedicated new TV network that would only air 3D content. To date, it has only been used as a special event channel where specific events were broadcast in 3D. Now, viewers can tune in any day, any time.

LG and YouTube team up on mobile 3D

LG Electronics has announced a deal with YouTube to allow users of its new Optimus 3D smartphone to capture and upload 3D videos to YouTube instantly.

3D movies on a 3G cellphone

Those clever chaps at Fraunhofer have found a way to put 3D on a cellphone by combining the new LTE-Advanced mobile radio standard with a video coding technique.

A 200-inch glasses-free 3D TV proves tech is not dying

There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the media when it comes to the future of home entertainment 3D products, but it looks like that's not stopping the industry from pushing forward.

Sony planning to launch 3D TV channel on Sunday

Sony, one of the strongest supporters of the new 3D movement, is set to be backing one of the most ambitious new TV channels and is ready to go live with it in just a few days, according to a new rumor.

3D plans for royal wedding are scrubbed

Those hoping to feel like they're actually at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be disappointed to hear that the event will not be broadcast in 3D as originally planned.

Toshiba sells less than 500 glasses-free 3D TVs

After every major producer of 3D TVs saw less than expected sales last year, there seemed to be a savior with the advent of "glasses-free 3D" technology, which Toshiba showed off in late 2010. However, those sets aren't selling either.

Armani introduces its own 3D glasses

The biggest complaint about watching 3D movies, dating all the way back to decades ago, is that wearing 3D glasses simply is not cool. Right? Well, Armani Exchange has something to say about that.

Sweet details emerge of first 3D Honeycomb tablet, from LG

When it comes to the tablet market, it seems like there's a new innovation every few months. And this is potentially the biggest innovation yet, as LG and T-Mobile become the first to offer a glasses-free 3D tablet.

James Cameron to be first recipient of new 3D movie award

The man whose 3D movie made more money than any movie in history will be the inaugural recipient of the International 3D Society's Harold Lloyd Award, honoring excellence in the art of 3D filmmaking.

Regal theaters to double its number of 3D screens

If you walk into a theater, chances are the vast majority of its screening rooms do not have the capability to air a 3D movie, but if that theater happens to be owned by Regal Entertainment Group, that may soon change.