HTC Evo 3D's processor beats all

According to the latest benchmark tests, Sprint's upcoming 3D phone can beat everything else on the market.

Signs point to a 3D iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 might be due to receive a glasses-free 3D display.

George Lucas says 2D to 3D is like B&W to color

George Lucas is very bullish on the market for 3D movies.

New standard aims to make 3D glasses universal

A new standard for stereoscopic 3D glasses has been proposed.

HTC Evo 3D goes up for pre-order

An unlocked version of the HTC Evo 3D has hit the e-tail market for the first time, but it's pretty expensive.

James Cameron disappointed as NASA scraps 3D plans

NASA says it's abandoned plans for two high-resolution 3D cameras to be carried by the next Mars rover.

Single lens produces 3D microscopic images

Engineers at Ohio State University have invented a single lens that can create microscopic 3D images by itself.

Rumor: Sprint to reveal 3D 'Evo' phone this week

Sprint has struck gold with its 'Evo' brand of 4G smartphones, and it looks like it's about to throw glasses-free 3D technology into the mix.

Samsung has made a 55-inch glasses-free 3D display

The market for "glasses-free 3D" technology is still very nascent and hasn't achieved broad market appeal or scaled manufacturing costs, but Samsung is trying to innovate nonetheless.

Samsung introduces Bluetooth 3D glasses

In a market where 3D is failing because it's way too expensive, Samsung has introduced a more expensive 3D option.

Nvidia drops price of 3D computer kit

Don't go running out to buy Nvidia's Geforce 3D Vision pack because the price just came down, unless you happen to own a specifically equipped 3D computer.

Nintendo launches first North American 3DS commercial

How do you create a 2D ad for a product that's all about 3D content?

Best-selling Ratchet & Clank series goes 3D in next outing

Ratchet & Clank, one of PlayStation's most recognized and adored family-friendly brands, is taking it to the next level in the upcoming new addition to the series.

CEA pushes to standardize 3D glasses

If you buy a 3D TV that uses active shutter glasses, right now you're pretty much limited to buying 3D glasses that are made by the same manufacturer as the manufacturer of your TV. The Consumer Electronics Association wants to change that.

Wimbledon goes 3D for the first time

Tennis fans, get ready to take your passion to the next dimension. This year's Wimbledon tournament will be filmed in 3D for the first time, and presented live in 3D theaters around the world.

Star Wars goes 3D next year

You may have never cared about a 3D movie yet. This entire phenomenon may just have passed you by. But no matter who you are, this announcement is bound to at least make your head turn - the first of Lucasfilm's transformation of the six Star Wars films to be recreated in 3D will be complete next year.

First live opera to be filmed in 3D is on the way

It may seem like and old, antiquated form of entertainment to many, but the opera is about to prove it can still stay up-to-date with the world around it. On Saturday, dozens of movie theaters will air the opera Carmen live, in 3D, for the first time.

3DS to get Netflix support, no 3D movies yet

As part of a keynote speech at this year's Game Developers Conference, Nintendo of America president Reginald Fils-Aime announced that the upcoming 3DS handheld system will be getting a downloadable Netflix app in the summer.

Penthouse launches 3D porn channel

Sorry, chaps. As rumored, Penthouse is launching a 3D porn channel - but it's only going to be available in Europe.

Samsung 3D movie streaming becoming a reality

Last year, Samsung introduced a TV app that allowed users to stream 3D video content. It launched with three 3D movie trailers but has never been updated. Now, a third-party video service is looking to pick up the slack.