Titanic 3D re-release will happen April 6

James Cameron's cinematic marvel about the sinking of the Titanic is coming back to theaters.

Radio Shack opens up HTC Evo 3D pre-orders

Radio Shack has just given new teeth to the idea that Sprint's HTC Evo 3D may soon be ready for prime time.

Toshiba has a tablet-ready glasses-free 3D display

Toshiba has shown off a new glasses-free 3D display for tablet devices, but hasn't yet announced an actual device that will use it.

Penthouse adds second, softcore 3D porn channel

The world of 3D porn just got a little bit bigger.

Sega reveals new 3DS game 'Crush'

Heading out this fall, the puzzler/platformer game 'Crush' is sure to make a splash.

Johnny Depp reveals he can't see 3D

The Pirates of the Caribbean star won't be able to appreciate the technology of his latest flick.

New glasses-free 3D technology allows for multiple viewers

Nintendo’s 3DS glasses-free 3D gaming device has been on sale for only a month - but it's already redundant, thanks to work from MIT.

Best Buy opens up Evo 3D pre-orders

If you walk into a Best Buy today, you'll be able to pre-order Sprint's HTC Evo 3D.

Team creates largest-ever 3D map of early universe

Scientists have created the biggest ever 3D map of the distant universe, using the light from 14,000 supermassive black holes, or quasars, at the centers of galaxies billions of light years away.

Sony launches $250 3D camera, the Bloggie 3D

Sony's dominance in the 3D market continues, now making the technology more accessible.

James Cameron eyes Avatar online game

The next big deal for 3D master James Cameron may be a video game.

Glasses-free 3D TVs may be coming to airlines

You'll soon be able to watch 3D movies from 30,000 feet in the air.

All Harry Potter films may be re-released in 3D

Harry may not be leaving the theaters any time soon.

Skype Android app fixes security, adds 3G calling

Skype erases security concerns and adds features in one shot.

Civil War documentary heading for 3D TV

A very old American war is about to get a very modern technological makeover.

3D porn film beats Avatar's record in Hong Kong Hong

James Cameron's Avatar was a highlight for the 3D film industry, but it was missing something...

Acer launches 3D monitors

In case you're still craving more 3D entertainment in your life, Acer is stepping up its monitor portfolio.

LG's glasses-free 3D tablet will come with 3D glasses

Even though the upcoming G-Slate tablet won't require the use of 3D glasses, it will come with a pair of glasses anyway.

Toshiba will reportedly bring glasses-free 3D to notebooks

After an unsuccessful run with 3D laptop computers that required users to wear special 3D glasses, Toshiba will launch a new line of 3D notebooks later this year.

Hasbro makes the ugliest 3D glasses ever, for iPhone

If you've ever made fun of other 3D glasses, you have to check these out.