Is Frank Sinatra going 3D?

As a long time fan of director Martin Scorsese, I'm glad to see him getting rave reviews for his latest movie, Hugo.

Company claims new solar efficiency record

Californian company Solar3D says it believes it's created the most efficient solar cells  ever developed.

LG 84-inch 3D TV to go on display at CES

Calling it the world's largest 3D TV, LG plans to showcase an 84-inch "Ultra Definition" set at next month's Consumer Electronics Show.

Galaxy S3 will be in 3D

Though 3D phones haven't made a huge splash yet, Samsung is hoping that will change in its next evolution of the Galaxy brand.

On the eve of Avatar

One of my favorite parts of the writing process is research, and it's great fun to go back to old press reports to see if stories were on target about movies, or if they were ridiculously off base.

3DS can now record 3D video

Nintendo has rolled out a firmware update for the 3DS right in time for the big holiday season.

'3D' transistors promise faster circuits and lighter laptops

A new type of transistor based on a 3D structure could replace silicon chips, say researchers from Purdue and Harvard universities.

3D TV doesn't trigger epileptic seizures, says team

While watching television can provoke seizures in children with epilepsy, 3D TV doesn't appear to be any worse than the ordinary sort.

Playstation-branded TV has inventory problems

Sony's ambitious, yet cheap, Playstation-branded 3D TV is either not able to meet demand or is just having difficulty on the production line.

Nintendo to transform Times Square into Mario Land

You know something big is happening when a company pours out the massive dollars required to decorate Times Square for an entire day.

Playstation-branded 3D TV comes 11/13

Gamers who want an affordable way to experience the 3D content available on their PS3 and other devices will have the solution they've been looking for on November 13.

Milla Jovovich likes seeing her cleavage in 3D

The best thing about 3D content is that if it's done well, it feels like you can practically reach out and grab what's on the screen.

Nintendo brings on Dreamworks for 3DS video

Nintendo has managed to recruit one of the most prolific providers of 3D movies to bring content to its struggling 3DS system.

Whee! Google adds helicopter view for route planning

Planning a trip can be fun - but getting directions usually isn't. While it's one of the most-used features on Google Maps, it's all generally a bit of a chore.

Glasses-free 3D TV system can handle live broadcasts

A new 3D TV technology does away with the need for special glasses -and remains responsive enough to handle live transmissions.

Microsoft set to take Xbox 360 to 3D

Microsoft is rumored to be working on an update to the Xbox 360 that will focus on bringing 3D content to the platform.

Playstation-branded 3D TV now up for pre-orders

Sony's flagship Playstation-branded 3D TV is now available for consumers to pre-order.

Sony doles backhanded insult to Nintendo 3DS

The lack of success for Nintendo's 3DS system may mean jeopardy for Sony's 3D gaming efforts, but apparently Sony has a justification for that.

New red 3DS launches next month

In a bid to invigorate sales, Nintendo will release a new-color version of its 3DS handheld on September 9.

Toshiba intros first glasses-free 3D laptop

Consumers will be able to take their computing to the next dimension without the need for glasses for the first time, later this month.