Guillermo Del Toro to remake Pinocchio in 3D

As you regular readers probably know by now, we like Guillermo del Toro a great deal, and are always curious as to what he's up to. 

All Avatar, all the time

It was a long time in-between blockbusters when James Cameron finally came back with Avatar, but it was definitely worth the wait. 

Star Trek 'holodeck' created

A Queen's University researcher has built a hologram-like 'telepod' that lets people in different locations video conference as if they are standing in front of each other.

Metallica talks 3D and freedom

Metallica certainly has some interesting plans for the future, including their own music festival, a 3D movie, and a new album, with Rick Rubin back at the helm.

Martin Scorsese just can't get enough 3D

t's a cliché to say that Martin Scorsese's our greatest living director, but he is truly a remarkable artist, and I've been an ardent fan myself for many years. 

YouTube kicks off huge 3D overhaul

Apparently someone over at the Youtube offices in California thought that it would make a lot of sense if Web browsers needed to put on a pair of 3D glasses before watching the latest viral videos. 

Titanic hitting theaters in 4D?!

Titanic, the movie that made James Cameron king of the world, is back in theaters in 3D. 

James Cameron ocean dive will be turned into 3D movie

James Cameron has been one of the most championed directors of 3D film, and in his next creation he'll actually be the on-camera star as well.

Nintendo 3DS getting 3D music videos

A new form of entertainment is coming to gamers in glasses-free 3D: music videos.

3D for Jurassic Park, but not Hunger Games

It's been rumored for some time, and it's obviously a natural, but now it's official that the first Jurassic Park movie will be converted to 3D. 

LG pioneers 3D streaming

LG has become the launch platform for a new 3D streaming standard.

Are you ready for Metallica in 3D?

I know, I know, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about 3D, but like it or not, the medium is probably going to be around for a while. 

LG Optimus 3D Max phone coming soon

LG has confirmed that it is working on a successor to its Optimus 3D smartphone, one of the first glasses-free 3D phones on the market.

Samsung forecasts 25 million smart TV sales

Samsung is expecting a very bullish year for smart TV in 2012, with 25 million unit sales expected.

Marvel fans will get Avengers 3D glasses

Last week, we reported that audiences who hit AMC for the opening weekend of Star Wars: Episode 1 3D will receive special edition pod-racer goggle 3D specs.

Pirate Bay takes piracy to the next dimension - literally

Infamous online site The Pirate Bay wants to start letting users pirate 3D objects.

Finding Nemo coming back in 3D

Get ready to search for Nemo all over again - this time in 3D.

Sony introduces glasses-free 3D TV at CES

Despite being one of the biggest players in glasses-required 3D TVs, Sony is stepping outside the box.

Lenovo introduces Ice Cream Sandwich TV

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future of Google TV as it stands now, Lenovo is ready to jump outside the box.

3D to have muddled CES presence

3D products and content, which had started to become the bread and butter of CES, will have a much more muddled showing this year.