3D and 2D at the same time

Some people love 3D TV; and some can't stand it. But a new invention means that it's possible for people to watch programs in 2D and 3D at the same time.

Can 4D break through in the States?

You've already seen a movie in 3D, but what about 4D?

The Dark Knight Rises: Biggest weekend ever?

It's obviously the "no sh*t Sherlock" statement of the year, but people are going to be flocking to theaters in droves when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20. 

The world's thinnest display: a soap bubble

A Japanese-US team says it's developed the world's thinnest display - a soap bubble that can even show 3D images.

Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder coming to Blu-ray 3D

Yes, the master of suspense actually made a movie in 3D. 

DirecTV sloughs off 3D programming

It's a bleak time for the future of stereoscopic 3D TV channels.

There and Back Again: The Hobbit at 48FPS

It's certainly rather difficult to believe that any new technology would actually be more controversial than the current 3D revival, which certainly has plenty of friends and foes alike. 

Gore master Takashi Miike in 3D

Some years back, the hot trend in horror was J-horror, meaning scary films that originated from Japan like The Ring and The Grudge. 

From Planet of the Apes to Jurassic Park 4

Although Steven Spielberg won't be directing the fourth installment of the popular Jurassic Park franchise, he will be one of the film's producers along with Kathleen Kennedy.   

Shapeways hits one million 3D printed creations

If you think 3D printing isn't starting to catch on, this one's for you.

Sharp offers world's first 90-inch LED TV

Sharp has set a new world record.

Google and Apple challenged over mapping 'spy planes'

US Senator Charles Schumer is calling on Google and Apple to withdraw plans for 3D mapping, calling it an 'unprecedented invasion of privacy'.

Student creates a burrito-"printing" machine

It's not exactly a 3D printer, but with some tweaks it probably could be.

IMAX: From Dark Knight to Star Trek 2

IMAX was given a big boost when Chris Nolan used the format in the original Dark Knight alongside regular 35mm footage.

BBC wants to pioneer concept of '3D radio'

Yes, the market for new "3D" products is still alive and well.

Google Maps enhancements could rain on Apple's parade

Google's promising a range of new features for Google Maps and Google Earth, hoping to see off a potential threat from Apple.

ID4 goes 3D on July 3

It’s been quite a blockbuster summer so far at the movies, with ginormous hits like The Avengers, and big flops like Battleship. 

Open-source 3D printer is a mass Kickstarter success

The future of 3D printing is very much here and now.

Metallica goes back to work

James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Metallica's also had one of the strongest work ethics of any band out there, especially when it comes to touring.

G.I. Joe Retaliation delayed for 3D ‘upgrade'

Paramount Pictures will be postponing the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation to next spring, supposedly so the studio can release the 3D edition alongside the standard digital version.