Michael Bay causes tensions on 3D Tranformers set

Let's describe Michael Bay in three words: he hates 3D. So you can imagine when he's working on a movie that the studio demands be in 3D, it's not going to be all fun and games.

Sony packages together a Blu-ray 3D World Cup film

Did you just buy a 3D TV and miss out on the chance to watch the World Cup with 3D glasses? Or maybe your cable provider didn't haves ESPN 3D at the time. You are exactly who Sony's upcoming documentary is for.

After cancelling latest title, Harry Potter back titles get 3D

Warner Bros just got finished saying it was worried about creating less than stellar 3D conversions to damage the Harry Potter franchise, when it was confirmed that it'll be going back to films that never had any intention of being in 3D and converting them anyway.

Say goodbye to Harry Potter 3D

Because of its inability to convert the latest Harry Potter movie into a worthwhile 3D presentation, Warner Bros will now only release the first part of The Deathly Hallows in boring 2D.

The big year for 3D TV? 2013

Of course the year that 3D TV will really start to take off would have a "3" in it. At least, that's what ABI Research says about the growing trend in consumer electronics that apparently isn't going to die anytime soon.

Delusional PS3 owners think their TV is now 3D

When it comes to 3D TV technology, people are still very ignorant as a new study shows 63% of console owners think their video game system will somehow magically give their TV the ability to output 3D content.

Call of Duty goes 3D for Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be one of the most  popular games to get the 3D treatment when it goes to the PS3 next month, setting what could potentially be a very important start to the industry of 3D games.

Toshiba will release glasses-free 3D TV in December

Toshiba plans to launch the world's first commercially available 3D TV that doesn't require glasses later this year, but admits the technology is still far away from becoming completely mainstream.

All six Star Wars movies getting 3D facelifts

From Jar Jar Binks to Obi Wan Kenobi, every single Star Wars movie moment you've grown to love or hate will be getting redone in a meticulous 3D process that George Lucas assures will be better than most 2D-to-3D conversion.

'Batman' director being pushed in 3D: report

Christopher Nolan, one of the hottest names in Hollywood thanks to his successful films like The Dark Knight and Inception, hates 3D. But apparently the studio he works for couldn't care less what he thinks.

Acer goes 3D with Aspire laptop refresh

3D computers haven't taken off the way other 3D media has, but that's not stopping computer manufacturers from taking the plunge. Acer is now stepping into that ring.

Pioneer enters 3D market with Blu-ray players

Because the 3D takeover of the world won't be complete under every consumer electronics manufacturer puts out a line of 3D products, Pioneer has unveiled its flagship 3D-enabled Blu-ray players that also come with expanded online connectivity.

Sharp intros first 3D TVs, offers simultaneous 2D & 3D

Sharp has lifted the veil on its first offering of 3D TVs. To be packaged under its high-end Aquos brand, the TVs bring with them a new feature that lets multiple viewers choose between 2D and 3D at the same time.

No 3D for next Twilight

Even though star Kristen Stewart has gone on record saying she wants the next Twilight movie to be shot in 3D, the film's production company has spoken out saying it won't be done.

Consumers generally not excited about 3D: study

Although it seems like everyone is calling it the next big thing, the majority of consumers are not that excited about 3D TV, and according to one study's results, interest in the technology actually goes down after users give it a test run.

James Cameron's next 3D film? An Avatar rehash

So when you create the highest-grossing movie of all time, what do you do for your next project? For James Cameron, the answer is: use the exact same story.

Sony laptop with "3D" button coming 2011: report

After being somewhat late to the game with its first line of stereoscopic 3D TVs, Sony is gunning to be proactive in the 3D laptop market, planning a computer with full 3D capabilities for release next year.

Compression technique allows internet 3D

A new data compression technique could allow 3D movies to be seamlessly transmitted over the internet and via satellite, say its developers.

Intel and Nokia promise 3D for MeeGo - and holograms too

Intel and Nokia are creating a joint development center at Finland's University of Oulu, aiming to develop 3D and other new interfaces for mobile devices running MeeGo.

Can a 3D movie cure arachnophobia? Director says yes

There's a new 3D movie in the works that sounds like it's not for the squeamish, except it is. It's designed to be so realistic that it can be an alternative to hypnotherapy treatments for arachnophobia patients.