Make Star Trek in 3D - or else

For 3D haters out there, here’s more fuel for your fire. We recently reported that Guillermo Del Toro had to make a 3D conversion for his next movie, Pacific Rim.

3D printer produces artificial cartilage

A new hybrid printer can print out cartilage for implantation into victims of sporting and other injuries, say its developers.

The evolution of 3D and Life of Pi

Is 3D done, on the way out, or here to stay?

Jurassic Park 3D trailer takes you back to the island

Universal Pictures has released a trailer for the 3D release of its classic dinosaur thriller.

Flying robot navigates for itself

Cornell researchers have created an autonomous flying robot that they say can maneuver around obstacles as efficiently as a bird.

Is 3D finally done?

With a lot of film fans, all it takes is one simple term to get their hackles up: 3D. Yes, the format was termed the salvation of the industry some years back, and it’s now a necessary evil to get your movie played in China.

The return of the Creature From the Black Lagoon

I saw The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D at an all night horror marathon last year, and I have to say it was great fun indeed.

Top Gun 3D hits the afterburners

Recently, we reported that plans were underway to convert Top Gun to 3D. As many of you probably remember, Top Gun was the #1 film of 1986, and it’s remarkable how much nostalgia there is for the film today.

Sony loses enthusiasm for 3D

3D gaming hasn't exactly taken off like many console makers and game devs hoped it would.

Exploring the moon in 3D

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has acquired stereo images of the moon in high resolution (0.5 to 2 meters/pixel) that provide highly detailed 3D views of the surface.

First reviews for Frankenweenie are in

With Frankenweenie, Tim Burton has clearly come full circle.

Top Gun sequel on hold, 3D version moves forward

Whether you liked his work or not, the late Tony Scott was where every director wanted to be with his career - at the top of his game, and heavily in demand. 

Did the Dark Knight Rises miss out on 3D?

Win, lose or draw, The Dark Knight Rises was going to make a ton of money, and it's currently one of a handful of films that's made over a billion dollars world-wide. 

Godzilla is back in 3D

It’s been in the works for quite some time, there was even a teaser trailer shown at Comic-Con, but now it’s official: Godzilla will be back in 3D on May 16, 2014. 

Del Toro's Pacific Rim is going 3D

It seems like 3D is all the rage these days, and Guillermo del Toro's upcoming Pacific Rim film may be forcibly converted to the struggling format - whether the veteran director wants it or not. 

48 FPS won't cost you extra for The Hobbit

Future movies are likely to move much faster than the current 24 frames a second. 

Avatar goes 3D on Blu-ray

I loved Avatar when I saw it opening day, and also have it on DVD. But of course, we’ve all been wondering, when is it (officially) coming out in 3D for the home?

Interactive 3D to come to HTML

Web developers could soon be able to start including interactive 3D in their applications, thanks to new standardization efforts.

Video: Project Holodeck wants to build a virtual gaming world

As we’ve seen with the mad 3D crusade, Hollywood is doing everything it can to bring audiences back to the movie theaters.

Anticipation builds for a new Jurassic Park

As we recently reported on TG, there’s been a lot of speculation about yet another Jurassic Park film. With everything being rebooted these days, why not, right?