3d scanning taking over retail

For those who don't know about the technology of 3d printing, it has been around for a while. Earlier models of 3d scanners and printers were far too costly and would have been expensive for anyone other than engineers, scientists, and major manufacturing firms, which could afford to have this technology in-house.Today services are far less costly with the average printer and scanner sitting in a more reasonable price range for smaller business entities. In fact, it is easy to pick up a 3d scanner or printer for around the same price as a top of the range flat screen 3D TV.

EA says 3D gaming has no traction

I'll absolutely admit that when 3D TVs first hit the market I was very excited about the idea of watching movies and playing games in the resurrected format.

Avatar director takes 3D to China

Famed Avatar director James Cameron and Vince Pace have teamed up to market potentially lucrative 3D technology in China.

Vizio rolls out XVT Cinemawide 21:9 aspect ratio TV

Hollywood studios typically use a 2.35:1 aspect ratio for most major movies. What does that mean for you?

Intel TV – massive success or catastrophic failure?

A few months ago Intel and Mountain View laid a huge egg when they, along with Sony and Logitech, tried to market Google's TV platform. 

Samsung introduces yet another 3D TV format

Oh boy. After already battling with active shutter glasses, 3D TVs that need external sensors, and this idea of 3D that doesn't require glasses, Samsung is introducing an entirely new concept.

Glasses-free 3D company wants to make a CES splash

3D is bigger and better than ever these days, and it doesn't take a genius to assume that next month's CES will have 3D displays at every corner, but the question is who will win - glasses-free 3D or the more universally accepted 3D tech with glasses required?

Samsung says glasses-free 3D years away from relevance

The head of Samsung's display unit is telling consumers not to get too affixed to this growing idea of glasses-free 3D TV sets, because it won't really take off until at least 2015. So go ahead and buy a Samsung 3D TV that requires 3D glasses (preferably one from Samsung), okay?

Consumers generally not excited about 3D: study

Although it seems like everyone is calling it the next big thing, the majority of consumers are not that excited about 3D TV, and according to one study's results, interest in the technology actually goes down after users give it a test run.

Samsung doles out a glasses-free 3D reality check

With Nintendo's 3DS on the horizon and the fact that making fun of 3D glasses is so incredibly easy to do, it's easy to start thinking glasses-free 3D is the way to go. But Samsung says, "Not so fast."

Samsung launches digital download 3D video app

For those of you out there with a Samsung 3D TV but are still frustrated with the lack of 3D content, there's a new app that will solve your worries.

3D TV system lets user touch the images

Japanese researchers have created a 3D TV system that allows viewers to manipulate the image with their hands.

Sony reportedly dabbling in glasses-free 3D TV

Just a few days after it was announced that Toshiba is working on a commercially available 3D TV without the need for glasses, Sony has come forth to say it too is working on the new tech.

Verizon's fledgling Fios service will bring NFL to 3D

In a move to bring back attention to its flailing TV service, Verizon has struct a deal with the National Football League to air its first ever 3D football game on TV. It's a major score as the most mainstream sporting event to make it to the new broadcast medium.

World's first 3D porn movie begins filming

The 3D mantra of "so real you can practically touch it" is about to take on a whole new meaning, as filmmakers in Hong Kong have cut the ribbon on what they claim is the first 3D porno ever made.

Anti-3D sentiment picks up ground in Hollywood

While some big shots in Hollywood, like James Cameron and Disney, are swimming in money thanks to the newest 3D craze, there's a growing number of directors and insiders who are simply saying "no" to the 3D transition.

New technology allows users to literally "feel" 3D images

You know how when you're watching a 3D movie, sometimes it feels like you could just reach out and grab the images that are popping out? Thanks to researchers, now you actually can.

No format war means 3D will quickly become mainstream

While there is still a battle for 3D acceptance in the home, the lack of a format war for home media could lead to a faster adoption rate and increased interest.

3D TV images guzzle up to 50% more power than 2D

When a 3D TV is switched from 2D mode to 3D mode, the power usage can swing dramatically depending on the manufacturer, according to a new report from Cnet.

DirecTV now has 4 3D channels while most broadcasters have 0

DirecTV has become the first TV service provider to offer an entire suite of dedicated 3D channels, while the sweeping majority of other cable and satellite providers still have absolutely no 3D content available.