3D printing cancer cells

Drexel’s Wei Sun, PhD, Albert Soffa chair professor in the College of Engineering, has devised a method for 3D printing tumors that could soon be taking cancer research out of the petri dish.

New Movie, Print the Legend, Exposes 3D Printing

Many are hyping 3D printing as the way of the future, but is this really case, or is it a bunch of hype? Print the Legend, a new movie about 3D printing, tries to get to the bottom of this. 

Recycling with 3D printing

If you believe the 3D printer hype – and not everyone does – we’ll all soon be printing out things at home. Why, exactly, isn’t clear; do we really need more generic plastic crap that would probably be better and cheaper, anyway, all costs considered, if we just bought it off Amazon?

3D Printed Shoes Are Coming Soon

If you work a job where you’re always on your feet, it can be murder on your knees as well as your tootsies if you don’t have comfortable shoes. Other than investing in a good pair of Doctor Scholls, can 3-D printing create a more comfortable shoe?

Students in China build sports car using 3D printing

40 Chinese students from the School of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering, Changsha University of Science & Technology (CSUST) have used 3D printing to build a race car. The Chinese are pinning their hopes on 3D printing to boos their automotive and aerospace industries.

3D printer + electric car

We believe that in a close future, cars will be electrics, self-driven & equiped for advanced field operations. Your plumber will be able to produce spare-parts in his vehicle, some goods will be produced on demand in the delivery truck. 

Why you must upgrade to Windows 8.1

Microsoft's long gestating Windows 8.1 upgrade is now available for download. Designed to address the concerns of whiners and haters alike, it seems like it is one of those upgrades that is a must have now thing. And, it won't hurt one bit if it takes away the bad taste of Windows 8.

How 3D Printing Could Potentially Impact Home Building in the Future

As Maslow's famous hierarchy illustrates, shelter is one of the most basic human needs -- much like food, water, breathing, sex, and sleep are. As of 2013, about 1.5 billion people in the world don't have adequate shelter (one out of every five), including 640 million children. While more people become homeless, technology continues to advance and offer solutions to just about every problem society faces.

NASA tests limits of 3D printing with powerful rocket engine check

The largest 3-D printed rocket engine component NASA ever has tested blazed to life Thursday, Aug. 22 during an engine firing that generated a record 20,000 pounds of thrust.

Coke Offers Israelis 3D Printed Versions of Themselves

To promote Coke's new mini bottle in Israel, Gefen Team came up with a mini-me themed promotion that nicely encapsulated the mini-ness of the new bottle.Using the 360 degree scanning and 3D printing technologies, the agency built a 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola's main factory in Israel. 

3D printed arc reactor replica

[James] just keeps cranking on the idea of the perfect arc reactor replica. This time around he’s made most of the parts using a 3D printer. His write-up covers the basics of the build, but he also used this opportunity to make some tutorial videos on designing the ...

'Maker Movement' enabling more women to launch tech businesses?

Arguably the popularity of e-commerce and social brands such as Etsy and Pinterest have incited a new do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. But it also appears that businesses like these are giving way to a new trend in the tech startup community, now referred to in some circles as "the ...

Criminals use 3D-printed skimming devices on Sydney ATMs

A gang of suspected Romanian criminals is using 3D printers and computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture “sophisticated” ATM skimming devices used to fleece Sydney residents. NSW Police recently arrested and charged a Romanian national with fraud after a money transfer officer contacted police over a suspicious transaction. Police ...

Awesome 3D printed rolling ball "roller coasters"

Erik Pettersson from Enkoping, Sweden made an inspiring gear painting on his eMaker Huxley 3D printer back in 2011. Last year he created a beautiful 3D-printed Kinetic sculptures. This year Erik Pettersson comes up with another 3D printed art-project: the ball sculpture. It reminds me the SpaceWarp, line ...

German police try making 3D-printed guns to assess threats and opportunities

The police want to see how dangerous 3D-printed guns really are — in terms of smuggling them through security checks, but also with a view to perhaps using them themselves. Germany’s federal police agencies are buying a 3D printer in order to see whether homemade 3D-printed guns are really ...

3D printing to help Bloodhound SSC break 1,000 mph

The Bloodhound SSC hopes to reach speeds of more than 1,000 mph (1,610 km/h) in 2015 with its 3D-printed nose tipThe Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) team from the UK is continuing its journey towards claiming the world land speed record. After testing its rocket engine last year, the ...

Chinese Conduct 3D Printed Spinal Implant Trials in Humans

Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing is in the process of conducting human clinical trials with titanium 3D printed spinal inserts. "We started clinical trials on 3D printed implants late last year, and now we have used dozens of such implants for more than 50 patients," 

3D Printers too Pricey? Build a LEGO one.

While the price of 3D printers continues to plummet, for some the cost is still too high.To help solve this problem, Instructables author Matthew Krueger, also known as Mastermind, created a 3D printer from LEGOs he found lying around his house.Krueger’s project started as a practical exercise. During ...

10 3D-printable home goods that could put Target out of business

Sure, 3D printing has brought us a ton of cool creations and unique ideas (can we just go back to the whole 3D-printed Aston Martin thing?), but did you know it can save you a trip to the store when you’re in a pinch? If you have access ...

Meet the Cellular Shoe: the 3D Printed Multi-material ‘XYZ 151’

Shoes have a habit of captivating the 3D printing world. From couture designs to a faster sprinting shoe, 3D printed shoes promise a customized “wow” factor along with some conveniences like doubling as a smartphone case.New Zealand-based designer Earl Stewart, who is also the Creative Director of OPZone ...