MakerBot stakes its claim to 3D printing supremacy for the masses

MakerBot is using CES to launch a new 3D printing platform and ecosystem. This includes new software, app and digital store products, new strategic partnerships, and its fifth generation of 3D printers. It's 3D printing as home entertainment.

Opinion: What HP missed about the future could affect other companies

HP had what was likely one of the best financial analyst meetings this week and the difference between the company this year and last was quite pronounced.

3D Printers Help Heart Surgeons

3D printers are slowly entering everyday life and they are increasingly being used in medicine. Doctors at Washington's Children's National Medical Center say the life-size tri-dimensional prints of their patients' hearts helps them in planning and executing surgeries.Magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and ultrasound already give pretty good ...

MTU Study: 3D printers may soon be in every home

3D printers are fast becoming one of the hottest new technologies. While the technology is still in the very early stages, Michigan Tech researcher Joshua Pearce is predicting that personal manufacturing, like personal computing before it, is about to enter the mainstream in a big way."For the average ...

New Tech Embeds ID in 3D-Printed Products

3D printing is still a niche industry, largely due to the costs associated with the machines and materials. But as those costs decrease, 3D printers are being used for a form of production that designers call "mass customization."3D printers can quickly produce large amounts of products that have ...