Banning “undetectable” printed guns and the NRA dilemma

It is fairly difficult to pass a gun ban through Congress unless it is related to 3D printed firearms which Congress is moving to ban again. The NRA, which is pretty rabid about any form of gun control, is silent on this issue largely because it is funded by gun manufacturers who really don’t want people printing copies of their product rather than buying one.  

World’s First 3D Printed Metal Gun: Suck it, Gun Control!

Solid Concpets, a Texas based 3D printing services company, has a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and legitimacy. Based on over 30 printed components, its 3D printed gun has fired 50 rounds in tests.

Cops want 3D gun banned

While the US is scratching its head about what to do about 3D printed guns finding their way into the hands of criminals and right-wing nutjobs, the Australian cops want them banned.