Anti-3D sentiment picks up ground in Hollywood

While some big shots in Hollywood, like James Cameron and Disney, are swimming in money thanks to the newest 3D craze, there's a growing number of directors and insiders who are simply saying "no" to the 3D transition.

Shrek Forever After proves that not all 3D turns to gold

It almost grossed more in ticket sales than the rest of the top 10 movies this weekend combined, but Shrek Forever After still proved to be a disappointment because it didn't shatter the charts as strongly as many expected.

3D video game adoption higher than HD game adoption

In a new survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 36% of those who plan to buy a 3D TV soon say they plan to play 3D video games. That's more than double the amount of people who wanted to play HD games just a few years ago.