300: Rise of an Empire trailer puts Persians in a pickle

Well, it seems the Persian Empire need only have not given itself up to the dreams of a buff, oiled up, hugely pierced, Speedo wearing king and they would have done just fine. Or, graphic novels are not historically accurate. We are confused by all the man candy on display.

Details revealed for 300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire (originally titled Xerxes, and then titled Battle of Artemisia) covers the story of another battle which occurred simultaneously with the one depicted in the first film - which had a great impact on the events we are already familiar with.

Details revealed for 300: Battle of Artemisia

Fans have been trying to figure out if Battle of Artemisia will be a sequel or a prequel to 300. The answer is probably "neither."

The internal battles of the Immortals

The director of Immortals believes Universal Pictures and Relativity Media made the wrong decision in comparing the fim to 300, an epic mythology adaptation based on a Frank Miller graphic novel.