Bioshock Infinite trailer shows us the city in the sky

Bioshock Infinite takes players into the balloon-lofted world of Columbia, a floating city-state in an alternate 1912. 

Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailer lives free

2K Games and Irrational Games have released some gameplay footage for their upcoming dystopian adventure.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown trailer fights the invasion

2K Games has posted a trailer for its upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown action strategy title. 

Xcom: Enemy Unknown has an unknown launch date

2K Games's re-imagining of a classic 1994 video game as due out in stores in October.

Borderlands 2 officially announced

The follow-up to cult console hit Borderlands was just made official.

Duke Nukem Forever is finally officially seriously available

After 15 years, the game that seemed to become nothing more than a joke has finally been released.

Duke Nukem Forever delayed again, LOLs all around

After waiting 15 years for the release of Duke Nukem Forever, fans of the series are now gonna have to wait a bit more...

Bioshock 2 PC players are totally snubbed from DLC

Count this as another reason to never play a PC game again.

HOLY CRAP! Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date window

It's a game that singlehandedly turned an entire series into a joke. It's become the most mystical title of all time. Duke Nukem Forever is real and will be coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Mafia II PhysX trailer kicks some serious ass

2K Games has released a new Mafia II PhysX trailer that kicks some serious ass. 

2K and Firaxis rebuild Civilization with new sequel

2K Games and Firaxis are developing a Civilization game that will feature a new engine, redesigned combat system and hexagon tiles capable of generating organic landscapes.