Will the Inspiration For Doctor Evil Return to the James Bond Series?

Many fans of Austin Powers know that the character of Dr. Evil was inspired by Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live. But Dr. Evil was of course also inspired by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the villain from Thunderball, who was played by Donald Pleasance. While we may never see another Austin Powers movie again, there may be the possibility that Blofeld could come back to the James Bond franchise. 

Trying to Make the James Bond Submarine Car a Reality

Growing up on James Bond, the parts I always looked forward to were the incredible stuntwork, as well as the gadgets and vehicles. Bond always had an incredible arsenal of cars and toys at his disposal, and now a billionaire is trying to make 007’s submarine car an actual reality.

Original James Bond film may get the IMAX 3D treatment

Last year was the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. No, the first James Bond movie that launched the cinematic franchise in a big way.

Bond is back and better than ever

It’s amazing the James Bond franchise has lasted as long as it has, but on the other hand it’s also easy to understand why he’s still around.

On 007 Skyfall

Many thought it couldn't be done, but the James Bond novel that was long considered "un-filmable" revitalized the Bond franchise, and ushered in Daniel Craig as the new 007.