UPS deploys 300 natural gas mail trucks

  • Chicago (IL) - UPS has added 300 CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles to its delivery truck fleet. The company said it now operates more than 1800 alternative fuel vehicles.

    The CNG trucks, which were ordered last May, are already in service in Denver, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, San Ramon (CA), Los Angeles, and Ontario (CA).

    “UPS says it expects the new trucks to yield a 20% emissions reduction over those powered by traditional diesel engines.

    UPS has been experimenting with a range of alternative-fuel vehicles, from electric vans to hydraulic hybrids. Last October, the company became the first shipper to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders program, committing to set aggressive emissions-reduction goals and report to the EPA annually on its progress.” [Sustainable Life Media]

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