On the Campaign Trail: Green energy beginning to evoke the feelings of Americans

  • Opinion - The discussion and debate over the state of our nation’s energy independence is in full swing. The Republicans are taking an offensive approach and attacking the concepts that are involved in Obama’s energy plan. Unfortunately, John McCain isn’t doing such a great job at pronouncing his own energy plan’s name. With the concept of offshore drilling becoming more popular and more acceptable among the general public, it still has the candidates divided.

    On Sunday, following our Independence Day, the Republican National Committee decided that it was appropriate to launch an ad regarding our energy independence. The ad is being run in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and is more than likely the start of many others to follow since the concept of energy conservation and consumption is a major issue that separates these two candidates.

    Cleverly enough, McCain and the Republican Party have named their energy plan the “Lexington Project”. Witty marketing techniques aim to mentally persuade citizens that America has to assert its energy independence in the same way in which we fought to gain our national independence. The only issue with this strategy is that McCain has trouble getting out the words “Lexington Project”. He has repeatedly had trouble saying the name of his energy plan. You can watch this video from the New York Times. His inability to say the name of his own energy plan causes one to doubt whether or not he will be able to hold a candle to Obama’s speech regarding energy.

    More and more Americans are beginning to feel that energy exploration is important and should be a top priority says a recent poll from the Pew Research Center. Apparently, 47% of respondents to this poll believe that energy exploration, drilling, and building new power plants should be at the top of the list of our country’s priorities. This is up from 35% only five months ago when the cost of energy was lower. McCain is in favor of lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling whereas Obama feels that this tactic is a “gimmick”, and that it will not provide the United States with any sort of long term relief.

    Though these ad campaigns are generally negative and attacking they are serving a great purpose as far as most environmentalists are concerned and that is education. Americans need to be aware that the environment should be on a top priority regardless your political affiliation. If there is one thing these ads are doing it’s getting the attention of the people and making them aware.  

    What is your opinion regarding the energy plans? How important do you think they will be this election?