Yanko designs a mobile solar powered hospital


In times of natural disasters, mobile clinics can be a godsend to those facing injury, illness and lack of access to basic services.


Designer Kukil Han proposes a solution powered by renewable energy, the Mobile Hospital concept design (which comes to us via Yanko Design).

    The basic unit of this concept design is composed of three recycled shipping containers outfitted with solar panels for power. 

    One of these containers serves as a waiting room, while the other two house basic surgery, consultation and educational areas.

    But say the disaster is a little more serious - the Mobile Hospital can be upgraded with x-ray machines, a real operating room and a basic emergency room. 

    When conditions are even more serious, four of these basic hospital units can fit together around a central hub, creating something resembling a mobile general hospital.

    These basic units have the advantage of being able to operate completely off the grid, as well as the fact that they can be delivered via helicopter.

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