Voltitude e-bike rides big, folds small

An electric bicycle inspired by a city scooter or a city scooter inspired by an electric bicycle? 

    That's the Voltitude Bike from Switzerland, a cute little folding e-bike/scooter designed to take the best of both worlds in getting you from Point A to Point B.

    How Green Works reports that this street-legal ride re-charges in just four hours, a definite advantage over many battery-powered bikes.

    Despite the fact that its size and wheelbase is comparable to that of a normal bicycle, it can fold up quite nicely, allowing it to fit in such confined areas as a school locker, a cupboard, or a car trunk.

    Characteristics of the Voltitude similar to a scooter include a low center of gravity; wide wheels adapted to urban terrain; no-nonsense hydraulic disc brakes; rear-wheel drive; an integrated anti-theft lock; and built-in front and rear LED lighting.

    Traits taken from electric bicycles include electrically assisted pedaling (pedelec) capabilities; zero tail-pipe emissions; quiet riding; low-cost of operation; no license, no registration, and optional helmet use; and the freedom to travel via the bike lane. 

    No word yet on pricing, but Voltitude is currently seeking "passionate entrepreneurs" to develop a flagship store network in major urban areas.

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