Taiwan government helping solar and LED industries

  • Taipei (Taiwan) - Taiwan's government has approved a 5-year budget of US$8.8 billion (NT$30 billion) for the support of the nation's "renewable R&D projects". A specific focus is given to the solar energy and LED industries, according to DigiTimes.

    In addition, the country's National Science Council will also be increasing the status of R&D projects relating to solar and LED from an "ordinary level" to a "national level". This will further give priority to projects of this type.

    Taiwan's solar industry current focuses on a 15-16% efficient polycrystalline silicon solar cells manufacturing process, which is lower than the 17% international levels. According to an interview with a Purdue University professor, any form of renewable energy which achieves 15% or greater can be a commercial success regardless of the cost of manufacturing.

    See DigiTimes.

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