New Matter developing affordable 3D printing system

New Matter is shooting to bring 3D printer technology to the masses later this year with their MOD-t printer, software and online store. The company is currently going through the crowdfunding process on

The company says they are all about making 3D printing affordable and easy. At an estimated retail price of $249 they’ve got the affordable part under control. To make it easy the company says:

“3D printing should be as easy as how we create and communicate. That’s why New Matter is more than just a printer. It’s an end-to-end 3D printing system, including our breakthrough MOD-t 3D printer, complimentary software, and a store full of cool 3D-printable designs.”

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The MOD-t uses a 2-axis motion system that simultaneously moves and supports the build plate with very few components. Essentially it prints more consistently, and it makes the printer cheaper.

The printer uses non-proprietary, 1.75mm PLA filament so the cost of printing objects is also less expensive than other 3D printers. The MOD-t measures 15” x 11” x 14.5”, comes in black or white and can create objects that measure 6” x 4” x 5”.

As far as their online store goes, “It’s going to be unique for one big reason: you’ll be able to download (or buy) all kinds of new objects that’ll make 3D printing relevant to your life.

“The store will feature customizable models and limited edition items created by talented designers and artists. There’ll also be parts you can use to creatively repurpose everyday objects in your house or office.

“To make the printing process foolproof, the designs in New Matter’s curated store will be specifically calibrated for our printer. That means great prints every time.”

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They are also planning to open the store up to outside designers and artists to let them sell their object designs online.

The whole package seems like a pretty good idea to me and if they can get enough seed money we might be closer to a day when everyone has a 3D printer. I think I could find some extra desk space somewhere for one.

To check out their pitch you can find their page here.


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