Magic Leap’s AR Device to Compete With Microsoft’s Hololens

Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) device Hololens will soon have a competitor in Magic Leap.

Watch Out Elon Musk, ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle Is on Its Way

Success of RLV-TD mission will be an important step for ISRO to counter Falcon 9 created by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Watch SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Successfully Landing on Ocean Barge

4 previous at-sea landing bids had failed. But a Falcon 9 achieved a successful ground-based touchdown in December.

NVIDIA’s Emerging Company Summit: Where Little Firms Get Boosted Into World Changers

Every year NVIDIA puts on one of the most interesting and forward looking events in Silicon Valley called the Emerging Companies Summit . Small fledgling companies both compete to be on stage and then compete on that stage for a large prize and recognition for having the product, service, or tool that has the most potential to be the next big thing. And, ironically, there isn’t one winner take all of the firms get visibility with mentors, investors, and potential customers that will be invaluable as they take their products to market and, unlike TV reality shows where the turkeys are often...

Is there an entrepreneur hiding in you?

The world around us is changing rapidly, what seemed impossible yesterday is taken for granted tomorrow. Change can bring misfortune but it also gives entrepreneurs new opportunities. Technology is advancing at such a pace that it is hard to distinguish between science fiction and fact, world politics has reached a stage that you don’t know if you should laugh or cry. And consequently the economy is adapting to these changes. Old, established brands practically disappear over night and new “economies” pop up out of thin air. The traditional path of job in big company-career-retirement doesn’t...

5 ways to finance your startup

Great ideas are ten a penny but transforming them into a viable business is another prospect entirely.

Crowdfunding a revolution

A group of young scientists are looking for public support for their Public Transport Revolution.

The million dollar iOS 9 hack

Anybody can have the iOS hack, exclusively, if they pay enough.

Google made its first Chinese investment

After years of tension, Google is approaching the Chinese market again

Get your name on the Moon

For $29 Project Moonspike will send your name to the Moon.