Brexit May Not Damage UK Tech Start-ups

The UK's vote to leave the European Union (EU) might have spooked a large number of tech start-ups, but according to Matt Clifford the situation might not be as dire as many expect.

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How Technology Is Changing The Way We Communicate In Business

Over the last 25 years, technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate in business. Cast your mind back to the early 1990s and you might remember a heavy reliance on telephones (predominantly fixed to the desk as mobile phones were cumbersome and expensive), fax machines and a mountain of a paperwork. If you wanted to speak to a colleague, you had to get up from your desk, and, if you needed to have a long chat with a client, you were well-advised to just get in the car. But now, technology has changed everything. With the advent of the internet and its use becoming commonplace in...

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The Startup's Guide To Storage

When your new business is just starting up there is a lot to think about. As a result, it’s easy to over look many things, including storage. But, this is actually very important and will remain so as your business goes from a startup in your spare room to a successful company spread over several office floors. What storage do you need? Data Storage This is storage of information – data is integral to the running of companies, but as a result they have a huge amount of it. Data storage is important for two reasons – firstly it removes the physical need for rows of filing cabinets and piles of...

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Millions of people decide to change their ordinary jobs and become entrepreneurs nowadays.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook began his visit to India by making a trip to Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple.