Lunar lair could be used as Moon Base Alpha

  • Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization say they have identified a giant underground cave on the moon, which could be the perfect location for a future lunar base station.

    In tests using the moon vehicle Chandrayaan-1, researchers discovered the one-mile long, 74 mile wide cave near the moon’s equator.

    The latest issue of Current Science describes the cave as "a safe environment from hazardous radiations, micro-meteoritic impacts, extreme temperatures and dust storms."

    It also notes that the subterranean caverns - or "lava tubes" - form a perfect refuge that requires minimal construction to inhabit.

    "Lava tubes provide a natural environmental control with a nearly constant temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius, unlike that of the lunar surface showing extreme variation, maximum of 130 degrees Celsius to a minimum of minus 180 degrees Celsius in its diurnal (day-night) cycle."

    All aboard the Moonlight Express! 

    (Via Silicon India

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