Pearltrees Asimov goes live

  • Pearltrees can best be described as a visual and collaborative library that allows users to easily curate and keep track of their favorite subjects.

    Today, the PearlTrees introduced a major upgrade to the platform dubbed Asimov. 

    "Essentially, Asimov is the foundation for Pearltrees’ transformation into a universal file manager for our post PC world," PearlTrees rep Oliver Starr told TG Daily.

    "This major redesign creates a universal experience across every platform - today on the Web, iPhone and iPad - very soon on Android and ultimately glasses, watches, tabletops, really anything you can imagine."

    According to Starr, the Asimov release is highlighted by a number of new features including:

    * Universal interface with adaptive functions.
    * A self-guided experience – features appear only when useful.
* An in-app browser to search and collect directly from within the app.
    * An infinite canvas to promote each contributor’s creativity.
    * A dock to more easily manipulate what’s been collected.
    * Archiving and editing collected pages.

    Pearltrees first launched as a Beta platform in December 2009 achieving a 1.0 release in November 2012. Currently, Pearltrees boasts more than a million of contributors, over 2 million monthly active users and more than 50 million pearls.

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