Google lets iOS users doodle on their emails

Posted by Kate Taylor

Google's updated its native Gmail app for Apple's iOS, adding custom signatures and the ability to add doodles to emails.

"In the Gmail app and Gmail for mobile you can now open up a canvas and scribble a message that will be attached to your email. It's perfect for sending a quick sketch that is hard to express in words or adding a fun graphic to make your email more personal," says software engineer Ingrid Fielker.

"Scribbles support different colors, brush sizes, lines, erasers and spray paint."

Also new are a vacation responder, accessible through the gear icon at the top of the menu view, and support for nested emails. Users of iOS 5 will also be pinged with a different noise to make it easier to tell when they've received an email.

According to Fielker, the conmpany's also working on some features that users have repeatedly requested, such as banner notifications, multiple login support and the ability to send-as from any account already configured in Gmail.

The app was initially launched at the beginning of November - but was pulled almost immediately because of a bug that interfered with messaging notification. The company relaunched it a couple of weeks later with fixes for the bug.

The new update works on all devices running on iOS 4 or later, and is available from the App Store.