Is Android Honeycomb a "tablet only" OS?

  • After months and months of anticipation, rumor has it that Android 3.0 - a.k.a Honeycomb - may never arrive on smartphones, at least in its current form.

    Indeed, the plethora of Honeycomb-based tablets showcased at CES 2011 seems to indicate that Google perceives the latest iteration of Android as a tablet-only OS.

    In an interview with TechRadar, Android Engineering Director Dave Burke confirmed the above-mentioned notion by stating "We took the opportunity with Android 3.0 to enhance the UI. Right now it's a tablet operating system."

    However, Burke noted that Mountain View hopes to eventually combine Android 2.x and 3.x into one super smartphone/tablet OS, rather than two separate operating systems.

    "What we're trying to do here I make a base platform that's so good, that others only need to add native elements in their core areas.

    "We wanted to make the whole UI better, [so] it shouldn't be necessary to customize the texting widget with the Honeycomb UI.

    "[No], we don't think one size fits all with Android, but sometimes changes [people make to the UI] miss the point - then again, sometimes it amazes us."

    (Via TechRadar