OS X crosses Intel's Sandy Bridge

  • Well, that didn't take too long! Yes, a talented team of Apple fanbois have successfully installed OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on a screaming Hackintosh running Intel's Core i5-2500K CPU.

    Clocking in at a cool 3.30GHz, the system - bolstered by a good ol' 6MB Sandy Bridge L3 cache - managed to achieve a Geekbench Score of 8874 and an Xbench score of 282.40.

    "The bad news is, until Apple uses these CPUs, it's a bit of a science experiment, as you'll need to use a 'patched' non-standard Darwin kernel in order to boot the system," tonymacx86 explained in an official blog post.

    "[And of course], Sandy Bridge CPUs and chipsets are not currently supported natively by Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

    "[Really], we're providing this as a service for early Sandy Bridge adopters - and don't recommend using a patched kernel for the long-term.

    "[Of course], the vanilla kernel is [actually] a much more desirable solution for a stable system."

    (Via AppleInsider) [[Apple]]

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