iSteam for iPhone earns a bunch of 22-year olds $100,000 in one month

  • Chicago (IL) - After suffering through virtual beer drinking, boobs and farts, Apple's iPhone gets a new unique entertainment application dubbed iSteam. It turns your device into a foggy glass surface, perfectly mimicking a mirror after a hot shower. It will have earned a bunch of 22-year old kids $100,000 in one month, having already created a cult-like following and generating over 1 million downloads. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why it took iSteam barely a week since its December 30 release to overtake iBeer, iFart, Pull My finger, Ocarina, Whoopies Cushion and Zephyr to briefly become #1 entertainment application in the App Store.

    iSteam features an incredible graphics engine that renders foggy, wet overlays on top of any image from your iPhone's library with astounding realism. But it isn't just the graphics itself, it's the clever use of iPhone's user interface and sensors that earned this application such a huge following.

    For start, you can press your finger against iPhone's touchscreen to draw shapes, which wipes out moisture and reveals your image underneath. It also provides real-time feedback with a finger squeaking sound. The jaw-dropping effect perfectly mimics real-life drawing on a steamy window and simply begs to be tried. You can also leave the image in tact to see realistic droplets form and leave marks as they fall down the screen. Turn the handset upside down and droplets change the falling direction accordingly. When you draw an image, you can email it to someone, or shake the handset to clear the screen and start over (like an Etch-a-Sketch).

    But how do you make steam? It's easy, just pick an image from your iPhone library and simply blow in the handset microphone to haze the screen. Depending on how hard you blow, the haze forms faster or more gradually. We have seen developers exploit iPhone's sensors in many different ways but this is probably the most unique use of iPhone's microphone that we have seen to date. In addition, iSteam raises the bar for what's possible in interactive arts on the iPhone. Fans are using iSteam in a variety of ways, from playing Tic-Tac-Toe or Guess The Picture to adding special effects to their own images. We have even seen secret messages that reveal when image is steamed up.

    Priced at just 99 cents, iSteam is a no-brainer, especially if you are looking for a killer application that will leave a long-lasting impression on your friends. Although iSteam fell in rankings in past couple of days, it is still among top 10 ranked applications in the entertainment category. These numbers show just how far programming for the iPhone can take you, that is if you are clever enough to come up with a unique idea.

    Both paid and free version of iSteam have been downloaded over 1 million times so far in two weeks, compared to 250,000 paid copies of iFart divulged by its creator. It was among top 10 paid applications in the entertainment category in over 40 countries and #1 free application in over 22 App Store markets. According to, iSteam hit #1 slot in the entertainment category of the U.S. iTunes Store on January 6 and January 7. At the time of this writing, the application  was ranked #7 paid application in the entertainment category of the U.S. iTunes Store. With an average 14 percent daily growth, the iSteam developer estimates monthly revenues at $100,000. Not too shabby considering the paid version has been on the market just under two weeks and certainly not too shabby a salary for a bunch of 22-year olds.

    Developers announced that the next version 1.2 update will bring more eye-catching visuals, promising new features that will "blow you away," admitting they too were blown away with huge popularity of the application in such short time. A major part of their fun, if I may add, certainly has to be the ringing of the cash register.

    Since its December 30, 2008 release, both free and paid version of iSteam have been downloaded over 1 million times. Developers estimated that the application will rake in $100,000 in the first month of its release. At the time of this writing, It was among #10 paid applications in the entertainment category in over 40 markets and #1 free application in 22 markets. At the time of this writing, iSteam was ranked #7 paid applications of the entertainment category in the U.S. iTunes Store.