Microsoft says on track to ship Visual Studio this month

  • Barcelona (Spain) - Microsoft announced this week that it is committed to being able to ship out Visual Studio 2008 this month.

    Speaking at the software giant's TechEd Developers conference in Barcelona, Microsoft corporate VP Soma Somasegar said the development software will be in stores by the end of November.

    Visual Studio is Microsoft's flagship software tool for PC programmers, containing Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, and ASP.NET.  The 2008 edition focuses on making the programming process more integrated and streamlined.

    The software package will allow users to create programs for the Internet, Office 2007, Windows Server 2008, and of course Windows Vista.  Additionally, Microsoft's "Sync Framework" will be incorporated into the new Visual Studio, allowing users to collaborate with each other, both offline and online.

    Also expected in VS 2008 are tools to make it easier to incorporate new Microsoft platforms like its Flash media-esque Silverlight and Windows Vista Gadgets.  The current version of Visual Studio dates back to 2005.