Microsoft’s IPTV platform gets some upgrades and a new name

  • Chicago (IL) – Microsoft introduced a new version of its IPTV platform, which is now called “Mediaroom”.

    According to the company, the new name “better reflects” the capability of the software as well as a “broader set of new connected entertainment experiences.” Among the new features are “personal media sharing”, which enables consumers to listen to music and view photographs that are stored on PCs elsewhere in the home as well as “enhanced multiview capabilities”, which allow viewers to consumers to see multiple channels, programs and camera angles on one screen.


    New services and applications are expected to be provided through the Mediaroom Application Development toolkit. Microsoft hopes that service providers and third-party developers will take advantage of the software to create “revenue-generating TV-based applications” such as “dynamic video-on-demand portals, casual games and interactive TV services” for Mediaroom.

    The company said that “more than 18 of the world’s leading service providers” have agreed to be offering the Mediaroom platform for their digital TV offerings. Microsoft did not say if the platform when or if the platform will be available in the U.S.