Microsoft releases IE 11; should have given up at IE 7

Posted by Emory Kale
Chrome is winning the browser wars. It's doing it in a frightening way. We are all Google's bitches and there is no way to get around it. This update to a browser, that most Web app developers think of as a joke, just keeps the sad going for Microsoft. IT departments everywhere continue to experience job security as long as Redmond keeps giving them crap to install.
Let's look at about 3 things that could turn things around for Microsoft:
1. Mobile. There's been enough discussion about how far behind Android and iOS Microsoft lags with its product, strategy, and execution.
2. Devices. Surface tablets and the Xbox aside, Microsoft hasn't done much to save the bacon of its OEMs. IBM ditched its PC businesses. HP and Dell will gladly follow as soon as they figure out how. I don't think Apple is looking to ditch its desktop and laptop business. Hmmmm.
3. Browser and OS. The notion that the browser would be the OS has been around for a long time by tech standards. So, Chrome is hitting every mark now and is essentially your OS/Browser wet dreams fulfilled. It's free, by the way. It works. We're sucked into the Google vortex. Microsoft, on the other hand, gives us version 11 of the same old, same old. How do they get away with this crap? That's not rhetorical. I really want to know.
Chrome beast Internet Explorer hands down
I mean, they are going to charge about $100 or so for Windows 8.1 so, this OS, which I really don't really give two craps for anymore, is going to cost me a bucket load of money. It is going to require me to upgrade, or reinstall, or ditch a bunch of my old apps, and on top of that, I am looking at a walled garden of apps that tie me into the Microsoft world and each one is going to cost me at least $100 and they will suck on Android and iOS devices. 
Android and iOS devices are where most of us are heading.
So, obviously, Microsoft is hoping to force its users to drag its legacy around with them, at great cost, and hoping that by weighing them down they might.... what? Wait it out until Microsoft gets it right? They'll get so tired they'll give up and buy a Windows Phone? 
Yes, I realize that this article is pointless because Microsoft will continue to make buckets of pure profit. So much that it won't be able to give away enough of it and it will accumulate mountains of cash. Nothing will change because there isn't anyone who is going to mess with inertia. Inertia means that the next Microsoft CEO can be a total moron and still come out as a genius by doing absolutely nothing.
Meanwhile, Google will suck the last bit of individuality that I have out of me and I will belong to it. It will own me wherever I go, and it will run ads for retirement planning across the top of mail because I am going to my grandad's retirement party in two weeks time and Google read my mail. 
But, it's free. Servitude is free. You could have been relevant Microsoft. You really could have been relevant.