Chrome extension kills Facebook baby pics

  • There comes a point in everyone's life when your wild and crazy friends start settling down and work on creating a family. That's all well and good. But the problem is that these friends, like all of us these days, have grown up putting their lives on Facebook.

    As a result, whenever someone has a new baby, they can't help but post hundreds and hundreds of pictures of the infant.

    And when this starts happening with all of your friends - dozens and dozens of them - it can start to be a bit, shall we say, overwhelming.

    So if you're a bit tired of seeing nothing but baby pictures in your news feed, a new extension from your Chrome browser can help. describes its app as "a  Chrome extension that deletes babies from your News Feed permanently -- by replacing them with awesome stuff."

    What is "awesome stuff," you ask? It's anything you want - you choose to pull in images from an RSS feed. The default is pictures of cats.

    It is quite an accomplishment in image recognition technology, and it solves a problem that no doubt many 30-something users are beginning to have.