Anonymous-OS is here, download warnings abound

Posted by Shane McGlaun

I'm sure we're all familiar with Anonymous by now. The hacker collective has claimed credit for numerous attacks on corporate, government, and law enforcement websites around the world including the Vatican.

The group routinely manages to gaing access to poorly secured servers, extracting personal data and posting it online for all to see and use.

Interestingly enough, a new operating system dubbed Anonymous-OS recently hit the 'Net. The operating system was initially linked to the collective, but who actually coded it remains shrouded in mystery.

In any case, the OS is said to be based on Ubuntu and uses Mate desktop. It comes preloaded with a number of hacker tools including a password breaker called John the Riper, Ddosim for simulating distributed DOS attacks, and Sql Poision for searching Web servers for vulnerability.

An information page about the operating system claims it was coded for educational purposes. The same about page then adds a disclaimer reading, "to check [sic] the security of web pages."

Frankly, I'm pretty certain an operating system designed specifically for hackers to use in attacking web pages would itself have some significant security issues. The tumblr page about the OS notes that the #anonops twitter account says, "That Anonymous-OS is wrapped in trojans."

The people behind Anonymous-OS say in reply, "If any user believe that Anonymous-OS 'is wrapped in trojans' or 'backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker' please don’t download it!"

That sounds like sound advice to me. Then again, Anonymous-OS has already been downloaded over 20,000 times so far on Source Forge, so you never know. Would you ever download an operating system coded by unknown programmers that was specifically designed for hacking?