By Arpit Toshniwal

Politics in Social Media: Who has a Bigger Mouth?

  • Not sure whether it’s social media in politics or politics in social media as politics has surrounded us from every direction, and there’s no point escaping it. From the guy who gets the largest part of the sandwich in a group to the guy who brags about the wide variety of music he had listened to (Probably by Googling about them first!)

    From infancy, we’re always taught about “the art of influence” and the role it plays in getting you the best possible attention. (We really hated the disturbing sound of silence, didn’t we?)

    Besides, social media nowadays has become the loudest loudspeaker that money can buy, and honest politics has died with it. The Hillary-Trump war was the latest example

    where the man who used the dirtiest smirks in the quirkiest manner possible, stole the show.

    Although, it has made the leaders more and more accessible and accountable, but on the other hand, it still encourages the chaotic portrayal of characters and how words can be thoroughly misleading in the terms of sense and spirit as well.

    In this article, we’ll discuss how social media has been used by the leaders across the globe to provide “quality information” and to inflict a call to action.

    Obama and his Desperation for Authority

    Back in 2008, the 44th president of the USA, Barack Obama, consumed so much of the Internet during his presidential campaign, that I’m afraid might possibly be one of the primary reason behind telecom companies wallowing over the infrastructure problems and pushing the FCC to repeal certain restrictions on the allotment of private channels.

    The White House says that Obama was the first US president to use the social media in such an unprecedented manner and his social media following is bound to help you with stating the obvious. During his second term, the white house digital strategists staff went up from thirteen to fourteen in 2013.

    Obama is famously known as people’s president or to put it this way, streaming-video Netflix president. The insiders tend to believe that he was hungry for attention and being good with words made no difference. He always wanted to be in a town hall surrounded by a humongous amount of people chanting “Obama! Obama!” while he tries to appease them with his ever-lasting charm and strong-witted singularity.

    He was such a creep that after the failure of his health care insurance program he shamelessly appeared on Funny or Die comedy series “between two ferns” to avert people’s attention from his grave failure. And, mind you, he didn’t just stop there! Instead, he went ahead and created a spoof for Buzzfeed that now has grossed over millions of views.

    Didn’t know about it? There you go-> Things everybody does but doesn’t talk about featuring Barack Obama.

    Trust me, I was so bored of using that “president Obama” everywhere, praise the Lord, I don’t have to use it anymore. It’s not like he is a bad leader or something but his crave for attention led him to be in such a state where he would use a phoney and regressive tactic of using pictures that present pain or joy alongside an imperative call for social harmony and love.

    And people, they become so awestruck with his genuine concern that they would totally ignore the huge amount of RTs and Fav it got. Here, have a look!

    It’s all a meticulously pestered lie that he kept on telling us and himself over the years and look, where we are now? Still not understanding the beauty of it!

    Don’t believe me? Here’s an article containing all the facts that you may need. Good Bye Obama, the bomber.

    Modi: The Requiem of a Dream

    Modi! Modi! Modi!

    You can hear these chants amongst Indians diaspora no matter whichever country you live in, be it during his iconic address to the wonderful people of Madison Square garden, or the UK parliament which led to an almost never-fading kind of standing ovation, or the most prestigious organization in the world i.e. United Nations, or even in India itself. One thing I can tell you is, he surely knows how to make them go Woah!

    When the guy strips down his globetrotter avatar, he again looks for the masses, this time aiming at social media! The Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, has extensively used social media in the past couple of years, including various live streaming election campaigns, glimpses of his interaction with the world leaders, spreading awareness of the implications of GST, Demonetization, Jan Dhan Yojna and many other such large scale projects. (He even addressed the audience of a rock concert in Mumbai, India while touring the States! How cool is that?)

    Just like any other leader of his size and “calibre”, he too was involved in a bunch of small scale crimes that came crawling around his seat, due to which he was even banned from entering the US. Look at him now, is this guy for real?

    That’s what projection means, showing the world what you want them to see. In the words of George Orwell, the famous author of 1984, “If you tell them that 2+2 makes 5 with utmost confidence and conviction, they’ll buy it”.

    Both Obama and Modi believe in this, or more precisely are master of it. But truth must be told, so, here you go. Modi and his dirty politics>>>

    Thanks to social media, now it’s all past him!

    Agree to Disagree

    Each and every revolution leads to another dictatorship, but the basic idea of revolution is to let people have an opportunity to decide between the rules that govern them.

    (Ironic, right? Not anyway near to the process of dying!)

    By now, everyone has heard about online petitions, but for those who haven’t, it fills me with immense pleasure to share with you the astonishing fact about them.

    As per the guidelines, you can start an online petition which works as an online form where a visitor needs to fill his/her information along with an e-signature for submission, and, in 30 days, if your petition gets at least a hundred thousand e-signatures, then, the government can be held responsible for a debate on the topic in the upcoming session of the parliament (PS: The rule varies along with the varying boundaries).

    There are many examples of online petitions, namely,

    • Should Britain apologize to India for Colonization?
    • Online petition against road pricing and car tracking in UK in the year of 2007 (which garnered a little over 1.8 million signatures in a country of 60 million people at that point in time)
    • Freeing Raju, the elephant from chains, etc.

    The Rise and Fall of ISIS

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL, also known as ISIS) didn’t get it’s fighters by visiting door-to-door distributing ammunition. Instead, the founder Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leveraged social media to spread hate and also his shallow knowledge of Quran.

    No doubt, social media helped him get there, but it also became the reason of his fall.

    There had been dark times when hate engulfs the verses of love and peace, but towards the end, love always conquers! So, tell me again, would you kill yourself if a person tells you to?

    Of course not! It’s all is a game of manipulation and oppression, which was created and destroyed by the US according to its own wishes and convenience. After years of hate directed towards the Muslims, when they began to rise, American “house of cards” began to tremble, and they were forced to coordinate with the Iraqi government to take back the throne again. (Until another US president decides to show his “love” for the beautiful country)

    (Look, somebody finally gave us the definition of love!)

    The Conclusion

    There are plenty other examples that depict the use of social media by the leaders of different niches, be it, terrorist organizations or “spiritual Gurus”, news agencies or the leaders of the free world (music artists), film industry or social activists, everyone uses social media to sell his/her ideologies. The credibility that word of mouth once commanded has been limited to the cupid thoughts of blabbermouths on social media and we need to change that, right now!

    How are we gonna do that? Simply, by understanding things better, and sharing that knowledge towards the infinity!

    About the Author

    Arpit Toshniwal is a writer by passion and content writer by profession, who is currently working as the content head at ArtAttackk aka Addictive Media, a digital marketing agency based out of Delhi, India. Other than blogs, he writes scripts, poems, and tends to have a keen eye towards religious artifacts.

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