Sam Lessin, VP of product management, leaves Facebook

Sam Lessin, the VP of product management at Facebook, has announced that he will be leaving the social network.

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This is a major departure, although Lessin isn't fleeing to a rival tech firm or social media outlet – rather, he's off to enjoy life for a bit from the sounds of it.

In an announcement which VentureBeat posted up in full, Lessin said that his last day would be 29 August, and he had mixed emotions about leaving. As to what he would be up to next: "My immediate plan is to take some time for kite-surfing, skiing, and general adventuring / possibly some trouble making. This is the first time I can think of since middle school where I didn't have a very concrete next step to take in life, and I intend to not squander the opportunity."

He did also note, though, that he would be helping his wife out with her tech news site The Information, and that he would be "starting something soon enough", possibly something "crazy".

Good luck to him.

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Obviously this will be a big loss to Facebook. Lessin first joined the company in 2010, when his own firm was absorbed by the Zuckerberg machine – and the pair were apparently close friends back at Harvard, where it all began.

Lessin said he had "countless" fond memories of his time at Facebook, mostly the late nights and heated debates, he noted.


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