Twitter trying out new feature: "retweet with comment"

Twitter is ready to embrace a new retweeting feature that lets users make more of a comment when posting another user’s content to their own timeline.

TechCrunch reports that the “retweet with comment” feature that has been popping up on various timelines abandons the current equilibrium that sees the entire Tweet included and only a small space left for comment.

Right now if users want to post another user’s content then there are two options. The retweet option simply posts the content in its original form to the timeline in question. Quote tweet, meanwhile, puts the original tweet in quotation marks and then allows a comment to be added at the end.

It’s the latter that is in line to be replaced by the new button and it’s something that will give users more space to make comment. Using the new service will see the original tweet appear as a “Twitter Card” below the “retweet with comment” made by the user in question.

Twitter is currently testing the feature with a select sample of its users in order to gauge opinion and it isn’t just internal employees that have been given the chance to test it out.

The micro-blogging social network has made a raft of changes over the first half of 2014 that are all geared towards making sure that users spend more time on the site.

Back in April, Twitter rolled out new profiles to all of its users that place more emphasis on photos and thus pushed observers to point out the likeness they show when compared to both Facebook and Google+’s profile pages.

Twitter’s new profile page also allows tweets to be pinned to the personal profile page and “retweet with comment” would make it easier to pin aesthetically pleasing retweets to the profile page.

The company is yet to come out publicly and confirm whether the feature will or won’t become a regular feature of the social network but the fact it’s there at all make it a distinct possibility.

Image Credit: TechCrunch


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