Twitter lights up when Facebook goes down

Facebook was hit by a major outage this morning, with the site going down across the globe, although seemingly the social network is back up and running now according to reports on Twitter (and indeed, we can log on just fine).

The downtime began at just after 9:00 GMT, and reportedly lasted for around half an hour for many Facebookers.

Needless to say, the usual deluge of tweets ensued berating Zuckerberg and company for letting their social bouncy castle temporarily deflate, as the hash tag #facebookdown almost burnt out due to over usage on Twitter.

Scanning through the various tweets, it seems that the countries affected included the UK, US, Ireland, France, Iran, Israel, Korea, India, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Finland... and probably many more. Yep, this was a biggie, make no mistake about it.

When attempting to use the site, users were simply confronted by a message that told them: "Sorry, something went wrong", and a little note underneath to the effect that Facebook is working on a fix.

It's not known what caused the issue at the moment, but doubtless we'll hear more about this later on today. For the social network to be down for so long, across such a large swathe of its user base is unheard of, and a definite embarrassment for the Zuck.

But looking at the bigger picture, if you can't live without Facebook for 30 minutes, then you've got a bit of a problem.


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