AmazonCart: Tweet your purchase into your shopping cart

If you are one of the many, many people who have been frustrated by your inability to tweet your purchase directly to Amazon then you'll be ecstatic about AmazonCart.

By joining your Amazon and Twitter accounts you can use a simple hashtag notification to message your Amazon shopping cart from Twitter. Because. Well Amazon says it is: Add it now, buy it later. Joking aside, there are inherent opportunities here for Twitter to leverage its platform to drive revenues to Amazon and pick up referral fees in the process. It's a quicker path to the shopping cart than AdWords or Facebook ads for sure.

It also gives retailers a unique path to purchase that isn't really available on other platforms. Of course, Facebook uses the hashtag, too so, it can theoretically jump on the bandwagon too if it wanted. Anyone could making this Amazon's big win ultimately. 

How does it work? Ever tweet with an Amazon product link can be replied to with a #AmazonCart reply. You connect your Twitter and Amazon accounts and when use the #AmazonCart request from your Twitter account you are saying that something should be added to your Amazon shopping cart. Replying with #AmazonCart will save the item to your cart.but the purchase still has to come from you manually doing the work on your cart and finalizing the deal. A reply tweet from @MyAmazon describing the status of your request (e.g., whether the item was successfully added to your Cart, if it was out of stock, or how you can finish checking out later) will boomerang back to complete the experience.

One big problem is that you are tweeting your request so your shopping habits are going to be visible to everyone who can see your account, unless you are private. That may be a deal breaker for some people.

Omid Rahmat

Omid Rahmat has been working in online publishing since 1996. Apart from Tech Guru Daily, he is the publisher of, a leading destination for health and wellness enthusiasts. Mr. Rahmat was formerly CEO of TG Publishing, the company behind Tom's Hardware Guide, which was among the most popular tech publications online in the world. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology business, holding executive positions in both Europe and North America. He has more than 15 years experience in senior management at high tech companies.


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