Gaming master builds working hard drive inside Minecraft

Like the birth of computing, the virtual devices may only hold five kilobytes of data between them, but the results are, nevertheless, amazing.

Delaware first state to enact digital inheritance law

A bill recently passed in the state of Delaware would give family members the right to access a deceased person’s digital files.

These are the jokes, folks

Facebook is testing a new feature that would tag some stories as ‘Satire.’

Sam Lessin, VP of product management, leaves Facebook

Lessin, who was close friends with Zuckerberg at Harvard, is leaving at the end of the month to go ‘adventuring’ for the time being.

Game playing fish racks up 1.5 million Twitch views

A fish playing Pokémon Red has racked up more than one and a half million views on Twitch.

Robots wander Tate Britain museum after hours

Nocturnal robots are being given the run of the Tate Britain museum letting art lovers explore the gallery after hours.
Facebook ad measurement and insights

Facebook measuring conversions across all devices

The company has launched cross-device reporting so that advertisers can see how people are moving between devices, across apps and the web, and see where they convert.

To be truly useful AIs need to learn who we are

AIs need to learn more about us and modify themselves to match our needs.

Yo gets more wordy

Yo update includes new features which allows users to send links from their clipboard.

Tech weirdness over the years (Part 1)

Some tech stuff just makes you want to scratch your head in puzzled wonder.

New York Courts inconsistent on social media evidence discovery

New York Attorney Arkady Bukh discusses New York Courts vs. Social Media Evidence Discovery.

Stalking your favorite celeb just got easier with SNIPP3T

Bing has just announced a new iOS app called SNIPP3T (pronounce ‘snippet’) that lets users track their favorite celebs.

Irish court orders Facebook to reveal underage users' data

A lawsuit that alleged Facebook's open registration makes it too easy for underage users to register has resulted in the High Court in Belfast wanting the records.