Indonesia in Pokemon Fever, Dismissing Religious Edict

The clerical body renewed a 15-year-old fatwa that declared the Pokemon game franchise un-Islamic.

Twitter Lets Everyone Apply for Blue Ticks On their Profile

Everyone gets a chance to widen their social reach on the platform.

Pokemon Go Claims First Death: Teen Boy Shot in Guatemala

‘He was already in bed when his cousin sent him a message asking him to go out and play the game,” his mother said.

Brazil Judge Briefly Blocks WhatsApp for a Criminal Case

WhatsApp said that messages sent over the app are not stored on its servers and can’t be turned over to courts.

Now Pokemon Go Has Its Own Song

The song seems to be doing better than the game’s current jingle.

Rio Mayor Riding on Pokemon Go Fever

Rio de Janeiro’s mayor Eduardo Paes pleads with Nintendo to launch the app in Brazil before the 2016 Olympics.

Tweet a Pizza

Starting from the US, the delivery process will gradually be rolled out to other parts of the world.

#23WAYS: Stars Speak Out Against US Black Killings

This powerful video is a must watch.

Catching Pokemons and Losing Friends

The Quint gives you tips on how to be a good ‘trainer’ while playing Pokemon Go.

Going Social: How Technology has Made Us More Interactive

Cast your minds back a decade or so and you'd probably hear anyone over the age of 40 saying something like: "the Internet has made people less social"