When emoji just isn't enough, ubertxt

Do you feel that your texts lack a little something? Like, you know, twirly bits and spangles and animation? Welcome to ubertxt.There are some good reasons for this, such as adults constantly proving that adulthood is incompetence basking in the rays of power.So instead of making mental progress, we disappear into our phones and express ourselves with words and smiley faces.Sometimes, though, mere texts aren't enough, mere emoji seem not to offer us the excitement that they used to. Here then, my child, is ubertxt.

Android tablet revenue might have surpassed Apple's

“For the first time Android devices accounted for a greater share of the market in revenue terms than iOS”, wrote Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley, after analyzing numbers published by IDC two weeks ago. “Android revenue share reached 46.2% in 3Q13, for the first time exceeding iPad share of 45.6%.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear improves to show notifications from more apps

After an October debut with limited notification support, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch now supports many more app notifications thanks to a software update.SamMobile reports the new software is available in the Samsung app store and also requires a new firmware update to the Galaxy Note 3 if you’re using that phone with the Gear:“From standard texts and emails to notifications for your note-taking app or Twitter app, you can now enable or disable each individually from showing up on the watch (with the option to press a button to view the particular notification on you

Two Unrealistic Ways To Arrive At A $3 Billion Plus Valuation Of Snapchat

Snapchat rejected a $3 billion offer from Facebook (disclosure – I own Facebook and Groupon stock), but now its team needs to figure out a revenue model to justify an even higher valuation.Two most likely revenue models are advertising and digital goods/coupons.Due to the ephemeral nature of a Snapchat message, it’s unlikely advertisers would spend more than the average effective cost per 1,000 impressions of $1.48 on an iPhone to advertise on Snapchat.

FCC releases speed test app to perform both active and passive mobile data tests

FCC releases speed test app to perform both active and passive mobile data tests The FCC has released its own open-source speed test app in the Play Store, giving any Android user access to mobile data speed information on their device. The main goal of the app, the FCC claims, is to empower wireless customers in the U.S. to know how well their smartphone's mobile network is performing. Just as you would expect, you can perform active data speed tests, which return download, upload, latency and packet loss information. You'll also get extra info such as signal strength, SIM operator code

6 reasons why 6sec is better than official Vine app for Windows Phone

We have 6 reasons why third-party application, 6sec, is better than the official Vine app for Windows Phone. 6sec has been around since July while the official app just came out on Tuesday. Both have the essential features of viewing and uploading Vine videos, but 6sec comes out on top right now.Third-party app, 6sec, provides interesting gestures that aren’t available on the official app.For example, flip over a Vine video while it’s still playing to comment, like, or re-vine. At the main timeline, you can also pinch to zoom out.

Windows Phone 8.1 Features May Include Gesture Detection

Now that the excitement from Windows 8.1 is settling down, Microsoft may be focusing its efforts on a similar update for its Windows Phone. Code names for the first two Windows Phone “Blue” handsets and alleged features that could come with the update have leaked online.Twitter account @evleaks, which as a credible track record especially with Nokia products, reports that handsets codenamed “Goldfinger” and “Moneypenny” will be the Finnish vendor’s first Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

AT&T starts back up $100 smartphone trade-in offer, runs until Dec. 7

AT&T is refreshing a smartphone trade-in deal that will give you at least $100 towards a phone, tablet or accessory purchase made at a carrier store. All you have to do is head into any company-owned AT&T retail location and trade in a smartphone that is no more ...

HTC One Max Coming to Sprint Nov. 15 for $249 with Spark LTE Compatibility

Sprint customers hoping for a big-screen smartphone under their trees this holiday season just got a new option in the HTC One Max. Set to hit Sprint Nov. 15, the 5.9-inch One Max will retail for $249 and be compatible with Sprint’s high-speed Spark LTE network. The One ...

Belkin WeMo Motion, Switch, And Light Switch Review: Good Luck Getting Them To Work Right

Home automation is a pretty cool thing, and it\\'s becoming more popular and encompassing every day. The ability to turn off a light from the other side of the house (or world) is a pretty cool feeling, but it also provides peace of mind – the days of ...

HP Chromebook 11 now unavailable for purchase, no reason given

Retailers everywhere have stopped selling the new HP Chromebook 11, effective immediately. Best Buy store managers were sent a memo which read, in part, “Stores should stop selling the HP Chromebook 11 effective immediately”. This removal from the retail space is widespread, with Amazon and other retailers also ...

Foursquare’s Longtime Head of Product Leaves, Midway Through a Huge Product Rollout

Foursquare is saying goodbye to its product head, a longtime employee whose ties to CEO Dennis Crowley go back many years.Yesterday, Crowley told employees that Alex Rainert, who was the mobile discovery app’s 10th hire, is leaving. Crowley is also reorganizing his product team, and will split Rainert’s ...

Nokia Lumia 1520 assertive display tech shines vs iPhone 5 vs Xperia Z Ultra vs Note 3

It\\'s a known fact that AMOLED displays oversaturate colors, making them look unnatural. Rather embrace this exciting new technology :)

Verizon CFO admits network isn't up to speed in big cities

Verizon CFO admits network isn\\'t up to speed in big citiesSpeaking at an investor conference, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo admitted that his carrier\\'s network isn\\'t offering a high enough quality of service in big cities. Although it reminds everyone regularly that it has the nation\\'s largest LTE network,

Alternative Android OS CyanogenMod Launches 'One-Click' Installer

CyanogenMod, a replacement Android distribution for smartphones, has released a ‘one-click’ installer to lower the barrier of entry for Android handset owners looking for a more open-sourced and feature packed version of Google’s mobile OS.Based on Android’s Jelly Bean 4.3 release, CyanogenMod is a free and open-source variant ...

Goophone Smart Watch Can Replace Your Smartphone

While most wearable devices extend the functionality of your smartphone, there are a select few gadgets that can actually replace your handset.The $250 Goophone Smart Watch is one such device.The wrist-worn gadget comes with its own cellular radio– meaning it doesn’t have to tether to your smartphone to ...

The Need for End-to-End Analytics in the Internet of Things

With the right solutions, strategies, and partners, companies can convert the Internet of Things (IoT) into real-world opportunities today. Together with McAfee and Wind River, Intel is driving IoT value by accelerating the development and deployment of intelligent devices, creating systems of systems by connecting legacy devices to ...

Nova Launcher 2.3 Beta 1 Is Out, Offers A Sample Of Simulated KitKat

So you didn\\'t get a Nexus 5 – that\\'s okay. You can still get that shiny new KitKat look and feel with the new Nova Launcher beta. It won\\'t get you all the way there (the transparent nav bar is limited, for example), but the new version of ...

iPhone 6 May Be Bigger, But Probably Not Curved Analyst Says

Following Samsung and LG’s footsteps, a new report from Bloomberg suggests Apple is the latest smartphone vendor to play with curved displays. But does that mean iPhones are about to get a lot more curvy?“I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Apple is investigating curved displays and any ...

Playstation Vita on Sale for $160!

If you’ve been thinking of getting a Playstation Vita, now’s the time. Radioshack Online has Wi-Fi models of Sony’s handheld on sale for just $159.99 while supplies last! That’s $160 for a PS Vita, and the shipping is free too!You better get one while the getting’s good, though.